Isarnia perseu or thorne

Dear players ,
Your arguments and experience help me to take a better decision on using my ascend materials.
Would you be so kind to help me again :slight_smile:?

In print screen is my actual defence team. And i need to decide my next blue 5 * .

Which of them will be better overall? Or which will help me in defence?

In raids,I am paring Frida with 4* on red tanks .

No doubt Isarnia :slight_smile: 44% def down and she has huge attack, so perfect for raids and titans :slight_smile: she won’t get into your raid defense… BTW your tank should be Frida :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: I know . I have used her a lot but I ve made a change to see how kage is doing. Somehow is ok.

Reading the forum, I saw that Isarnia is a better option but Perseu is not really worthy?

No. Perseus is one of the top 5 useless hotm of this game. Isarnia is your only option. But if you have only 6 scopes, I wouldn’t rush if I were you. For example, the best strategy for summoning at this event for any player, is to keep all EHT and summon between 1-4 January. You have a good chance to pull Buddy and maybe even a legendary, who knows… But you also have a chance to blue hotm Vela :slight_smile:


Perseus doesn’t hit that hard, I see him helping with field aid on alliance wars, but other than that he isnt good :slight_smile: and sure you can try waiting for Vela :slight_smile: am I the only one thinking that Isarnia is better than Vela…?

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I’d wait. You can emblem Grimm and get stats similar to isarnia (although kage and Grimm would be competing for emblems). Vela would be much better as would magni… I’d max triton though, if you want a blue project.

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@Scarecrow multumesc ! :slight_smile:

Hmm… only 6 scopes. This a good idea. I think I will wait. Who knows ! I have already experienced with this situation on reds. I had more then 2 month material to promote khagan ( only red) and finally I said no more waiting and I have promoted him. And guess what after one week mitzuko in my roster :)))))

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Thank you all for your thoughts !

@ToL1 @Scarecrow @Math4lyfe

Hi all ! Happy New Year ! Guess what 2x bonus draw I just had :heart_eyes:

Thanks for good hints !

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So two Vela’s huh.? :)) 27 tokens gave me just Buddy… but happy for you man :slight_smile: how about you Scarecrow? I know you had a similar amount…

2 times 10 pulls but the bonus came second time 2x . I didn’t know it is possible. I had some gem kept for awhile .

I just noticed you have Miki… I believe he should actually be your next blue :slight_smile: do you have Ranvir?

Miki works fine. My aliance titans are 7* 8* . I have tarlak at 4.80 and wu at 4.70. I dont have ranvir

Oh ok, I understand you :slight_smile: Congrats again with 2x Vela’s :wink:

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Congrats :slight_smile: enjoy your new project!! Happy gaming.

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