Thorne or Isarnia

Just scored the 6th scope, from video woohu, now im stuck on who to accend. Who would be the better alrounder and complement the blue mono attack? These are my Blues

This is my D team, would any of the 2 fit?

Cheers and thank you, dont make it to easy lol :blush:

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But I’ll expand a little

Firstly, Thorne is better than his original release. If you are in love with Thorne and his mighty Sword of Compensating (@vixx), ignore all the haters and max him.


The smart money, and my money, is on Elsa/Narnia

She’s not a great defender, but her Def down is really punishing. She’s the best slow Tc20 attacker imo and her high attack stat makes her decent on titans too.

Great on rush attack.

My least favourite thing about her is her class - she competes with Sartana, Kiril, Proteus etc for emblems and the jinx thing is pretty weak.

If she was a sorcerer I’d be happier.

And she has a costume, while Thorne doesn’t.


Isarnia is better. But. You have a def down already in grimm and frida grimm thorne are punishing (especially if you want to throw in kiril) and will wipe out 2 to 3 of the enemy in most raids and will devastate titans and monsters. They are all average speed which is critical in raids, slightly less important where you can use items. So for synnergy id say thorne


I don’t have either but would definitely say Isarnia. Thorne has never been much of a threat imo but he may better offensively…idk

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I’d say Isarnia. I have both maxed. Thorne’s tile damage is very low. His only benefit is that he is sturdy and hits considerably hard with his special.
Isarnia has both high tile damage and powerful special. The only disadvantage is a slow mana speed.


Isarnia for sure. …will serve you much better in my opinion.

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Isarnia is the better hero, but you got a perfect combo for Thorne. Fire kiril, frida and thorne and you will kill three targets. So if I were you I would max Thorne first


Another for Insarnia.

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Those voting for isarnia likely havent used the 3 (frida grimm Thorne) in combo in offense. Fire thorne last and his middle attack will do 1000ish damage


With your current heroes I’d go Thorne. He is a natural fit with Frida, Kiril and Grimm on a mono attack team. Isarnia is the better hero overall, but Thorne will provide better results paired with the current heroes you have. – talking offensively, Can’t see either of them making your defense a this point.


Well keep in mind he doesn’t really have a usable Grimm right now. Maybe he has enough coats to ascend Grimm and Thorne, but either way he’s lacking in a blue defense down hero.

I think it’s fair to give Thorne a edge in mono raid offense, but on red titans Isarnia is just like 100x better.


Nope. I have them and have used them. However, my trio is Athena, Magni and Arthur.

I voted Insarnia because

  1. She was already Queen of blue tile damage, but now with costume she sits at a base of 869. Thats before talents!
  2. She is second only to Athena in defense down.

Though I always thought Thorn was underrated, I would still pick Insarnia every time.


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n-o-n-e :rofl: :joy:


my vote is isarnia…


My vote is for Isa as well.

Piggy back my next blue question.

Do I max Isa, Misandra, Magni, Aegir, Alasie#2? Out of consideration are Thornes, Richards and Arthur (I maxed Frida)

My maxed blues are Ariel Alasie Finley Frida Miki.


Sorry i dont know why he wasnt with the blues

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So far i think Isarnia is in front, im in no hurry lol and i had forgot about the costumes, so im leaning towards Isarnia, for now :joy:

If you plan on embleming Grimm, then I wouldn’t vote in isa. I’d probably just wait, honestly. Otherwise, isa gets my vote. Her, stacked Kiril and frida, will be amazing for red titans. She’ll be fun in the raid tourneys too.


Im gana leave that Grimm on 8

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