Isarnia or Krampus - whom to ascend if already maxed out Black Knight

Hi Friends
Need some help. I have already maxed out Black Knight. Whom should I ascend now - Isarnia or Krampus ?


To realky help you to decide, we need a few more informations about your roster.

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Sure I’ll post the pics :slight_smile:

I would max Krampus first, you already have strong offensvie blues and he will add survivability to your team, you will love him for wars and tournaments, he is better map/quest hero than BK because of meat shield. I really like Isarnia but taunt heroes are rare and its worth to have more than 1 maxed


Isarnia first if you can bring her to +18 at least for rush war defense unless you’re going to use Santa or Kong in rush war.

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First Kirils costume


Cant have enough taunt heroes. Comes handy on offense. I vote krampus no hesitation


Go for Krampus, Magni,Lepus and Finley give you a lot of blue fire power, with kiril you have a blue healer, so krampus will give a blue mono team something special: taunt. Taunt will protect lepus and magni from specials. Both are a kind of a glass cannon. Isarnia on the other side does a lot of damage but nothing else for the team.
And she is slow.
Go Krampus…

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