Wu Kong raid offence top players?

I was just wondering if maxed or close to maxed 5 star teams are using Wu Kong in there raid offence regularly or is his usefulness mostly in titans and special events due to his squishyness?

He mostly shines on titans, events, rare quests and map levels.

For raiding WuKong can be clutch when you raid someone slightly too strong for you. But it comes at a cost.
He’s a bit squishy and the his miss penalty.

Top tier raiding usually requires more stability and endurance. You cant afford to miss an Ares/Alby dispell or a Lianna snipe.


Wu Kong increases your expected damage a bit, but also significantly raises your damage volatility.

So if you are attacking someone who you would reasonably expect to beat under normal circumstances, you’d probably be silly to use Wu Kong - if you are unlucky, you’ll miss a lot and lose a raid you should have won.

But if you are attacking someone who you would reasonably expect to lose to under normal circumstances, then using Wu Kong might be smart: if you’re lucky, you’ll cause massive damage and win a victory that would otherwise be out of your reach. (If you’re unlucky you’ll lose - but you probably would have lost without Wu Kong anyway, right?)


Thanks guys. That info is much appreciated! I find it very true. Ill keep him for the guys above the 4000 power That I lose once to then just want to through a hail Mary attempt again for a possible win.

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Wu Kong shines in tile damage situations.

Tile damage does work to a point raid attacking, but specials are harder to work around.

Before the tiers I could get up to around 2200-2300 with Wukong without much trouble; but I’ve been able to go much higher than that with a more traditional raid build as well around specials.

Eventually you’ll likely transition to the more traditional build same as I have on both accounts actually.