Is Thor and Alfrike worth leveling, or wait for costumes?

After finishing easy Valhalla did x4 with coins, be super lucky to get both Thor and Alfrike.

And question arises (I have only 8 darts/8 tabards and only 3 ToT).

1.Alfrike is very good for rush attack, but she will not replace C.Sartana on wing and I have no spare other wizard emblems.
She actually does not have contenders in purple (dupe Sartana and dupe Clarissa), if I will not pull Domitia or Obakan on new costumes. Quntus is strictly worse even with costumes.
2. Thor have his competitors in llne with Bai Yeong, Vivica and Leonidas. Leonidas is not good without costume, for Vivica I have Gullinbursti and Woolerton, and what about Bai? Or just wait for Leonidas costume. Thor also will not have emblems, because all fighter emblems on C.Magni and Boldtusk.

Other purples maxed: Sartana + Clarissa.
Other yellows maxed: Sif + C. Joon.


  1. Level Alfrike, try to get C.Leonidas
  2. Level Thor, try to get C.Obakan
  3. Level both.
  4. Try to get both Obakan and Leonidas on costumes.
  5. Try to get Uraeus instead of Thor.

I have around 14k crystals.

  1. level both

IMO Both are far from unuseful heroes.


Both are worth it. By the time costumes come out for newer heroes, you could have been using great heroes for a long time. The minute you keep trying for a particular hero or costume, is the time you can’t afford rent for chasing. Be safe.


Totally agree. Thor is better than the alternates you listed. Alfrike is a huge game changer. If I got her I’d probably strip Sartana of emblems.


Even with costume? I do not have other great defensive purple for non-tank.

Do not agree. I can catch Leonidas and Obakan in February, if I will be lucky. This question is like “should I rush for leveling them by trainers or maybe wait for a month”.

Without emblems? Alfrike might receive her emblems, but I do not have emblems for Brynhild to compliment her. And then I will need to chase Malicna for extra Alfrike speedup.

But Thor - C.Magni is strictly better.

I personally think Alfrike is worth it right now. She doesn’t have to be on your defense, she is an attacking beast you will use often. A lot of advice on the forum is based on what you MIGHT pull. Make decisions on what you have and strip emblems if they actually happen.


In my honest opinion both are worth levelling right now. Both are worth investing the emblems 100%.
But if it was me I would focus on Alfrike first.
Whatever you choose to do good luck.

PS: seriously if you don’t want either of them, then send them to me and I will level them out


Alfrike is really good Rilian, id do her without looking back. She will be a huge improvement to your defense in the rush clauses that between tournaments and wars are more often then one can think.

I dont believe you can get something better than Alfrike in the costume chamber.

I wouldnt make Thor yet, its better here to wait if you can pull Leonidas. But is about gameplays, some people here are in love with him, for me, hes okish, nothing spectacular, more strategic to use, like slowly desimating heroes with small bites and blindness. If you cant pull Leo than yes i would probably do thor over bei yeong

Good luck with your choices!


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