What to do with my way too reddish defense team?

Hi everyone, I have a ( for me ) difficult choice to make regarding my defense team.

Right now it looks like this:

I know, it’s waaaaaay too red, but these are the best I have… Now I pulled Victor, and I’m wondering if I should put him in.

I know on defense he’s not that great, but 3 reds is a weakness.

What would you guys do? Don’t ask me about my other heroes, they are all 4 star or not even worth mentioning ( Mok-ar ).

Any insights would be so much appreciated! I’m struggling for so long with my defense.

First off, those are some great reds. Hard to say which one to drop (Anchor would say Mitsuko, but I absolutely love her and think she’s underrated).

Second, saying they’re the best you have is wrong. You have some maxed 4s I’d hope. Put them in until you get a 5 to take their place. At least for one. You can do 2 red, but you’ll likely do worse than a well balanced rainbow. But it’s better than now. If yyou do stick with 2 red, one should be Mitsuko to counter blue stacks.

Victor is certainly worth leveling, especially since your other purple 5 is Mok (I’m sorry). He’s not my favorite purple, but he is very effective with the defense buff and damage.

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