Is there a case to be made for Atomos in my team?

Points to consider:

  • Defence bonus Atlantis family
  • Crit Troop: even more defence
  • Ariel’s +24% mana generation
  • Mana troop L17

Talent: Barbarian

Att / Def / HP
Max Stats: 733 / 727 / 1336
Def Route: 769 / 838 / 1569
Att Route: 844 / 802 / 1461
Or +2% mana & 21 lower Def

Current team: Marjana | Ariel | Onatel | Queen | Sartana
The centre 3 emblemed to L3

Opinion on offence:

  • At 3/70 he is better than I expected. Defensive family bonus to Ariel + her mana gen makes him noticeably faster
  • Waiting to hit the opponent when their mana is above 50% yields incredible damage.
  • Paired with Evelyn it’s game over when he fires after her. I can see him being very useful in events, etc alongside Eve.


  • Maxed: Queen, Onatel, Kunchen, Eve, Zim, Magni, Sartana, Marjana
  • Soft: Aegir, Alice, Hatter, Natalya and all the TC20 heroes (Lianna, Joon & Viv evade me)

Don’t have ‘very fast’ heroes and not going to spend on the game anymore. Saved 5000 Gems for when Grave or Kage become featured.

  • AW - yellow tanks. Ariel / Queen / Onatel / Magni / Atomos. Ave mana team but very high def & Ariel make them fast if she casts
  • Raid: Ariel or Zim / Eve / Aegir / Queen / Atomos (Eve & Zim fast dispell & clean + health bonus)

I like Hatter and I’m itching to max him, he is fun, but defensively the AI isn’t smart enough to use him & I only have 9 tonics.

I would lean towards Atomos over Hatter if the +2 Mana regen combined with a mana troop makes him average mana, he can’t rely on Ariel, that will be luck based

Thanks in advance for any advice & suggestions.

I think what you basically want to look at is this:

In upshot, you’re asking to knock 2 tiles off of Atomos’ speed, which, according to this chart, would require a 20% boost to mana.

Even a level 28 mana troop (15%) plus Atomos’ +19 upgrade to increase mana production by 2% won’t hit that.

What the 2% bonus does do — when you unlock it after 1,255 Emblems — is reduce the mana troop level needed to knock off one tile from level 17 to level 11.


I aint @zephyr1 or @Garanwyn, so I am not the type to give you numbers but leveling Atomos at this point in time gives you a very big disadvantage. What you suggested is not bad, but the main disadvantage is that you need certain pairing with him in order to utilize him. Very difiicult to use him well as he is not effective in most teams. So I am not sure if using up your limited tonics on him would be good.


@AirHawk your gut matches the math very well.

It isn’t that he can’t be effective; rather, it’s that the preconditions to make him effective give a very narrow useful range.

Here’s my thoughts on the subject:

You can definitely shave a tile off his mana speed, but I believe he will always be at least one tile slower than Average Mana, even fully boosted, as @zephyr1 points out.

In terms of hit strength, even if you time his hit perfectly vis-a-vis mana, he will still do about 40% less total damage than Azlar to each hero he hits. Although more of that is up-front damage, so he is better against cleansers.

His hits are respectable at endgame, but not earth-shattering. To put them into perspective, Proteus’ DOT does the same strength of damage to 3 targets, at Average Mana.

I’m not saying don’t work with or use Atomos if you’re enjoying him. But you’re going to have to sacrifice a lot of team flexibility to get the most out of him. And there are lots of other options which are more versatile out there.


I skipped everything else but I can confidently say no.

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I think I’ve faced your defense team before, or at least I’ve faced someone with the exact same team (literally same spots, just with Ariel having no emblems).

My experience with this team is that the center is incredibly good at staying alive, whittling down offense for the snipers in the corners to destroy the raiding enemy. Ariel and Queen on opposite sides complement each other very well, Ariel heals and Queen protects her. Onatelle drains mana, making this a pretty tough defense team to take down.

So if you’re replacing anybody on your current defense team for Atomos, it’s gonna be either Marjana or Sartana in the flank.

The case for Atomos on your current defense team is weak here. The most he’s doing is helping out Ariel with a 5% defense bonus. Barbarian wound would somewhat compensate the lost DoT from Marjana or Sartana but we’re talking super endgame here, which won’t happen for a while. Either way, you lose speed in the flank.

My gut is telling me no. But thats not to say that your def team would be bad with Atomos in the corner. If you think Ariel really wants the def bonus? May be worth a try

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He’s the dawa of 5*, absolutely the worst. Just leave him on your bench and hope he gets buffed like aegir.

That’s what I’m doing with mine. I’d eat him already but hoping hero academy will allow me to trade him in for any other 5*.

I’m not sure if anyone has suggested this, but why not lianna?

I think because the OP doesn’t have her:


Oh, I didn’t finish reading the “evades me” part.

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The best use of Atomos it’ s to feed a hero 3 *

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Thx for the analysis. Ariel was only recently maxed. I totally agree and if I had Kage or Grave the answer would’ve been very easy, but I don’t.

I figured the next best option would be an AOE that can inflict serious damage. Isarnia is to squishy, don’t have Azlar, don’t like Horghall, saving darts for any yellow healer, so Justice is out and along came Atomos.
Yes he is slow and can be dispelled, but Queen draws fire, even if Onatel dies and steal zero mana it is unlikely that the mid 3 will get killed at the same time which will give him time to either fire or make the attacker waste mana to debuff him, if not, he will revive. On his own he’s a 5* Dawa, but team synergy makes him a different prospect.

I’m going to try for a 3rd Atlantis family member. Hoping for Posoiden. That is +10% extra def for 3 defenders, pushing an emblemed Atomos to an incredible 922 Def & 1569 HP.

For now though, I will save the tonics albeit I love The Hatter. In reality it is very rare that you can wait to fire him to steal as you need to take out some other hero or risk losing one yourself. Great for events, not Raids imho.