Full Atlantis Fam line up worth it?

Apologize in advance if this is a repeat subject:
I was lucky enough to get all of the Atlantis family heros and I’m wondering on others opinions if the 20% Defence boost is worth it.
My thoughts:
Even at 6 nodes covered for Ariel her base defence would be 800, +20% = 960 Defence, not a bad tank or flank.
Poseion for obvious reason would benefit.
Atomos, although pretty bland matched with a level 17 mana troop and Ariels abilty would bring his slow charge from 12 tiles to 9 ( if I am not mistaken) making him at least useable.
Triton, defence bonus making him less squishy and the emblem tree for 4 stars is so much more easily obtained, especially increasing his defence would benefit ever more! ( could likely get him to the 12th or so node if I decide to go this route)
Proteus, same as Triton, fairly poor class for him unfortunately, but could be an asset.

Foreseeable draw backs:
Stripping embs from other great heros. (GPS to Poseidon, Alasie to Triton, Sartanna to Proteus etc.) Would hurt my offence on raids, titans and wars.
Also, once dedicated to this I would be waiting along time to get more mats for other worth while heros, especially if this doesnt pan out, now I have a maxed Atomos to look at as a constant reminder of a terrible decision.

What are your thoughts?

My question is how much team strength is hidden in a family bonus? My team power is just shy of 4000 when I’m running Triton-Ariel-Poseidon together for a 10% def buff. All three are emblemed, too, with good troops. For example, Ariel is +4 and with lvl 10 crit troops she has a defense of 934 PLUS 10% (93). So a total defense of 1027. Triton and Proteus both get buffed into the 800s on defense.

What is that ‘worth’? It seems like a great bonus to me…

So maybe 5 family heroes isn’t worth it if that doesn’t include Poseidon and Ursena, but 2 or 3 seems very worth it.

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It’s not hidden at all if you tap and hold on the hero once the match begins. The game calculates their current stats showing the buffs/debuffs in play in green or red numbers above their base stats.

The thing to remember is that there is an undocumented bonus to all defender’s attack and defense stats of about 20%. Do try tap and hold on the defense team on your next raid. You can also do the same to your own heroes to read their current stats after all buffs/debuffs are applied.

Generally the family bonuses are not worth the downside of using less than optimal heroes in your lineup simply to get the family bonus. For example an Ursena tank team of Atlanteans should be the top defense of the game if the defense family bonus were really that big of an advantage. However it isn’t seen at all because nobody would give Atomos the time of day and Ariel is not aggressive at all.


Thanks. How do you think it affects team power? Is a 10% def buff of 50 points an additional 5 points for team power?

I hear you on use, too.

I think Atlantis isn’t too shabby if you have


That’s 10% def buff all the time on good 5* defensive heroes. Snipers on the wings or a sniper plus DOT would be interesting.