Is it possible to use a costume version of a hero separately in Alliance Wars?

Is it possible? For example I got the Boldtusk chef costume. Can I use Boldtusk in my first attack and then chef Boldtusk in another attack?
(Sorry if it has been asked before and also for making a whole topic about this.)


I’m going to assume no.

Reason I say this is because the hero is treated as a single hero wearing a different outfit by the raid tournament…

If you have a hero in the raid defence, you can apply and level the costume but can’t change the hero into it while it’s still locked.

So from that, I get that the game is treating the hero (and costume) as a single entity. Thus can only be used once.

Pic of the text or tells me about Brianne


In Beta is was not possible to use hero in war twice (with and without costume). We claimed it but devs decided that it is still one hero…so from this view they are right.


Ok thanks, fair enough.

I was wondering if you get to use both the regular hero & the costumed one in Wars…

Seems only fair that you’d get to use both since you have to level the costumed. :thinking:

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As far costumes were tested in Beta you cannot use them twice.

Not really a #ideas-feature-requests

Another thread on this:
Is it possible to use a costume version of a hero separately in Alliance Wars?

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Merged. :slight_smile:

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1x hero, 1x costume = 1x use, choose regular or costumed version.
2x hero, 1x costumed = 2x heroes use, even if we have only 1 costume, but we should level both hero and both costume, so we can bring both together or seperate with costumed version in war if we want.

That’s it… and it also work for 3x, 4x and 5x with only 1x costume.


The developers are working on this to ensure this won’t happen.
It would be exactly the same as before, you pick a defense team and they have to stay for the duration, during Alliance war we are not allowed to change heroes like we are during raid.
Otherwise you might have a glitch that may cause an illegal attack against the opposition.
The developers are working out the bugs.
I have tried very hard to warn my Alliance about this and they don’t understand as many of us recieved costume for heroes we have yet to acquire.

No, if you get to use a costume during Alliance war and then change your costume to your hero anytime during Alliance war even 1 time , you are using a glitch.
Please tell the developers, this is not good because we still have brand new players who are just joining.
Not fair.
Costume is for raids, not Alliance war.

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And I am not part of beta.

I think (and I have a couple maxed costumes now) that really it shouldn’t be that you can use a costume the non costume (or vice versa) 2x in wars as you get a significant power boost from maxing them like my Boldtusk at 12 talent node’s is stronger with costume bonus then a Boldtusk with 20 Talent node’s without costume…yes it’s a grind to max them using mats feeders etc but it pays off plus the ability to use a costume to the situation…like Sonya sometimes I’ll use her regular but then use her alongside Mel and that cure’s status ailments and very fast too… so as much as I’d love to use a costume hero 2x in a war I think it’d be unfair as you get out what you’ve put into that hero…
Just my 2 cent’s

Costumes I think should be allowed in war’s why not? As long as you can only use the hero 1x in costume or not…if it’s allowed on raids should be allowed in war’s… using a costume in wars isn’t a glitch or not allowed…it’s the choice you make to use the costume or not as you can only use it once and to a situation that needs it…if I spent alot of feeders food mats into a hero to max costume I want to be able to use that costume in anything.

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