So I have got 3 Brienne costumes and one of them is maxed

Just to make sure that I dont overlook something. The only use for the two surplus Brienne costumes is to use them as food for other costumes?

Or if you want to use 2 costumed brienne on the same team

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Even for that you won’t need two copies of the costume, only two heroes. The same costume has to be leveled up on each hero separately. You may level the same costume on several heroes.

You only need a single costume, no matter how many heroes should wear it.

Each hero has its own level of the same costume.


Costume FAQs is good info:


TLDR answer to the question that I THINK you’re asking:

You need only ONE costume PATTERN to level as many costumes as you like.

Note that each COSTUME must be levelled independently


Thanks for all the replys.

Ok this means surplus costumes of the same kind can be used to level the same costume for different heros of the same kind or as “normal” food.

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