What to do with a hero and costume I don't want?

Just so not everybody leaps on me, here, I’ve just spent half an hour reading and have also scanned all the questions in the FAQ (Hero Costume/s FAQs! Please read for answers to most questions before posting new questions).

I don’t have time for more reading. (PhD in Costumes, anyone?)

Seems to be related to FAQ #6:

What to do if you receive a hero and costume you don’t want?

I already have Bane fully maxed with a costume fully maxed, and I now have another one. I don’t seem to be able to feed the costume to anybody else, and I don’t think it’s worth maxing another Bane and costume only to feed him to someone else (please let me know if you’ve done this and think it is actually worth it; I haven’t been impressed with the number of points I get for using an unlevelled or partially-levelled hero to level another).

Are there options?

Thanks for any help, for me and others with the same question!

If you have another hero and corresponding costume you can feed the extra Bane costume to that hero’s costume. It gives a significant boost to leveling the costume. However the special skill doesn’t level very fast. I’ve ascended several heroes and their costumes and using extra costumes works well. Then you have to collect 10 same color heroes for a little bit to get the special skill maxed but that’s really not a major hassle. It’s just time consuming. I hope this helps.


The main option with unwanted costumes is…just ignore them, they take up no space and will sit in your inventory for evermore.

Heroes you don’t want can be fed away.


I had a Bane fully maxed with costume fully maxed as well. Got three more during the costume event. Fed the three new Banes to the hero I’m currently leveling and fed the three new costumes to my Boldtusk costume that I’m leveling. Remember you can only use spare costumes to level other costumes. So not sure why you are having an issue.

Some will argue to feed it away. I disagree and think the answer is pretty clearly to just hold onto it. It takes up no space, so I see no problem to hold it indefinitely.

I think the key benefit this confers over feeding it away is that the costume duplicate may be valuable in the long-awaited Hero Academy. If I’m wrong, well, you can feed it away at that time for the same amount of XP you’d get if you fed it away now.

Waiting gives you a potential upside with no real downside.


If your maxed Bane’s special skill is at 8/8 and you don’t want another maxed Bane, I’d feed him to whichever holy hero you’re working on (otherwise feed him to your current Bane for the 100% chance at increasing the special). 3s are worth about half of a 1* trainer, so not overwhelming but still helpful. As for the extra costume, the best part is it doesn’t take up an inventory slot. I’d just save it for later and use it to train another holy costume in the future. Especially if you get a 5* eventually.

Good point…costumes take up no room.

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Thanks for the speedy replies and good info, all. I will look at this later when I have more time.

I do have one Bane maxed with maxed special, so unless he can go higher than that, no point in feeding the costume to him. :slight_smile:

If I don’t say “yeah but” in the next few hours, this topic can be closed. :grin:

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