Cat vs Cyprian on defence team

Hey all. My defence team is currently
Alice (3.70) - Colen (4.70) - Quin (3.70) - Cyprian (3.60) - LJ (4.70) So should I put the Cheshire Cat (4.42) on my defence team or is the Cat a total waste in the def. team. Dark heroes are just something that I never get

What is his benefit on defence? Sounds like you already know the answer

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Try him out, he reduces the defense of holy attackers (might even be worth running him and cyp as flanks for guin… I assume that’s guin, not quintis), he has a DOT that can’t be removed and he could mess with team synergy a bit with moving the attackers around (misplacing 3 buff heroes and such). You have a lot of damage all, but 2 of them are slow, might be nice to get a bit of the health gone before the big guys fire.

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Yeah i’m leveling Margaret right now so I can try to replace LJ as I don’t have any fast/average 4* heroes for Nature except Skittleskull and unleveled Gadeirus. I’ll try the cat for a while and hope I will get someone better from TC or the Atlantis. One more question should I replace Alive with Grimm when he hits 4.70 soon?

Yeah I know but Cyprian feels also so glassy at least at 3.60 and I don’t want to give her the mats.

I don’t know Alice’s stats off the top of my head at 3/70, grimm isn’t a bad option but he is a bit squishy and having a sniper on the team is nice … something to play with though and see what does better.


They are ok 623/601/1115

I use Cyprian 3/60 on offense in platinum and sometimes diamond raid and if the board is somewhat bad, Cyp will die before firing.
Also, with tons of fast dispeller out there, Caed/Sonya/Evelyn/etc, i don’t think a 3/60 Cyprian will be very useful on defense in platinum or over.
The good part though, the raids chests are easier to fill if you take a beating :crazy_face:
What is Alice’s stats at 3/60? Got one at 2/60 and no ascension mats to ascend her but used her everywhere until recently and she hits pretty hard after Grimm

I mentioned the stats above your post^^ and yeah she totally isn’t at least when I fight even a 4.70 Cyprian and I don’t even have a 4* or 5* dispeller. But boril is someone I hate as I don’t have dispellers… :smiley:

Yea just saw these, thanks :wink:.She is next in line for an ascension if i can get my hands on gloves…
As for your initial question, my idea of a perfect defense is the one to keep me in platinum (as my roster ain’t strong enough for diamond now). So try some line ups and keep the most successful one. I’ve changed my defense team about every day for the last 2 weeks and can’t find the best one. I lose from 200-300 cups every night :partying_face::joy:
Raid chest is easier to fill !!

Yeah it doesn’t really matter and is even better to get lower while sleeping and then fill the chests as i even try to fill them 2 times a day, but it would be nice for wars. Hey! the Pirates of Cordelia starts tomorrow maybe you get the gloves then! It will still take me forever to get the Scopes :smiley: I got 5 Darts and 5 Tabards but never get the Scopes :smiley:

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Cyp is worth leveling to 4 stripes, particularly now w raid tourneys and Epic events. Quite useful. He’s on my purple “B” squad which I used today for the first time in war (facing a team w yellow tanks) and despite having a pair of very under-powered 5*s in the lineup (Thoth is 2/51); they took out a 3600 power team (low end, but this is my 6th team for this war). Cyp did his job.

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