Is Atomos, with his new features, going to be a new nightmare for opponent players?

SG has just announced the new balance applied to heroes. Since all the eyes has been gazed on Telluria and Vella, not many people saw the balances on other heroes.

Has anyone noticed that how strong Atomos has got? :sweat_smile: Such a destructive special skill with average mana speed?! Unfortunately, I don’t have him and I’m already scared of confronting new Atomos in raids! :sweat_smile:

Here is new features of Atomos announced by SG:

  • Direct damage increased from 150% to 170%.
  • Maximum direct damage based on enemies’ mana increased from 270% to 290%.
  • Mana Speed changed from Slow to Average.

Put Vela in the flank and we have another deadly combo.


I don’t get the point of the mana speed change.

Is it the very first time that the mana speed of a hero was changed?

Why do Owl and Boss stay very slow?


Well his maxed AOE damage is still below 300% (Killhare) and most often we will see it going off at around 200-250% which is pretty much in line with the AOE average heroes (not many of those - Anzogh, Kong, Grimble, Ursena [without the extra yellow dmg]).

His attack stat is not as high as Kong’s. And he lacks secondary effects. The ressurecting only affects himself and can be dispelled.

I think he got decent but still grade B hero, not even close to dominating. But has potential to kick your butt if you come to the fight unprepared and the game turns well for him. Too many green heroes worth placing on defense to give him space there though. Offense - maybe if you lack other Barbs and boost his attack to the max he’ll be great, especially if you get rid of dispellers. I personally still prefer Zeline.


Agree, I have Bosswolf and I know what you say! With a very slow mana speed, he is nothing but a useless hero in the game :man_shrugging:

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He will be good but definitely not a nightmare.
He doesn’t hinder the enemy with his special and is easily countered by a dispel. Even if he got revived, he doesn’t have self-heal to be considered a threat


I have Owl and Wolf. Those were my 2 first event hero. :cry: Both still unleveled. Completely useless heroes! Both of them would need serious buff. If you compere Boss to Tell, it’s really hard to see, why Boss is very slow mana even slow might be too slow.

Atomos seems to be okay hero after update, but there are so many better greens for defence teams, so it’s hard for me to see, that he would fit in those. I can see him being useful in offence teams though.



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Nah. He’s better but he’s still not scary.


Could be down to family bonuses not sure of the top of my head what they all are but could be a factor.

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My war defense will soon have Atomos added to Urs, Ariel and Poseidon…family bonus goodness (+15% defense).


As i happy atomos user and without gm and kage i will bring him to 18 emblems. Def+heath route he will have 845 and 1450. Better than ursena but with a weaker special skill


I’m very happy with the change. A lot of the conversation has been around using him on defense, but I’m personally excited for his aoe potential on offense. Either in a green stack with Tarlak, or pairing him with the likes of Tyr to have a stubborn team to kill off. He has a lot more potential with the speed change than he did before. He’s also my only 5* barbarian at the moment, so he’ll likely hold some emblems for a while too.


Nice but it will be a year until I find out. I just got him along with the last tonic that I spent on, you guessed it, Telluria. Extra emblems don’t help with that. Who do I see about the bait-and-switch, SG?

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I fed him away, back when he was useless and I was desperate to level up the heroes I had that I needed to level promptly.
I’m not heart-broken about it or anything. It’s what I needed to do for my roster at the time.
If I get him from Atlantis now, I’ll keep him, and feed him.
I’m glad he, and so many other event heroes, got buffed.


Nop Vela is really not a threat to red stacks anymore especially if you have JF or Guardian Kong.

I think now he becomes good, but not new Telluria. Which is okay because nobody wants 6000 posts about how Atomos is going to be nerfed.

What is going to be nightmare is 27-9 where Atomos is a boss and these changes project into bosses as well if I understand game mechanics correctly. He was paint in base even before that (notably on hard), but now it will probably scale into another level. Glad I finished Atlantis already.

Also reminds me Kong is now more dangerous, in one battle in challenge event he’s teamed with Falcon, and Teltoc is next month. Oh sh-


With that family — Atomos at slow was the easiest of the 5* to make a hole

If he’s viable — those 4 get stronger as a block; and those bonus numbers aren’t easily reflected in team power (And include troops)

So he’s still the easiest to kill with the right heroes; but that block just got way more options — despite the lack of a red

Ursena says: WHO?! :rofl:

Yeah, and now he cleanses my Vela’s water DoT. The Vela whose damage against red just got nerfed, too. :angry:

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