Instead of buffing and nerfing do SG need to give more time in Beta?

Lots of buffing and nerfing going on atm getting so many people upset. Now the players that beta test are some of our best, but is SG listening to them, are they being given enough time to test properly, can something go in and out of testing more to get it right? Then after release it should only ever need a MINOR tweak instead of getting the whole place up in arms. I’d like to have a consistent game, using heroes I’ve spent time to acquire and develop only slightly change and maybe if improvements are necessary an interesting costume addition. Besides I can’t find my :nerd_face: and reading all the forum posts is making me blind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I generally agree with you, although I think the occasional rebalancing of the heroes is needed. The more new heroes are introduced, the more the game changes. Some heroes will get advantage from it, others will suffer… so in order to keep things balanced, some adjustments (from time to time) are necessary

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I completely agree with what you are saying. Rather than rush a hero through Beta, they need time to assess impacts and synergy with other heroes etc.
It’s not difficult to run a risk register for any project. And it’s not difficult to have an effective feedback loop between test teams and developers.
If you do this properly and effectively this type of situations with Telluria and Vela shouldn’t really happen within an experienced business. They just need to add a lessons learnt thread to their business model if they don’t already have one.
The only thing that may hamper this would obviously be the rush (understandably to a certain extent) to increase revenue.
With regards to adjustments / rebalancing (it would be nice if SG @Petri) could provide a policy Statement of what is in scope / out of scope in order to manage expectations of the players.

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