Hero Balancing FAQ

Why do you balance Heroes after release?

Ideally, all new Heroes would be perfectly balanced before they are released. We carefully test them internally, as well as in the Beta program. Unfortunately, some Heroes can still be too powerful either by themselves or combined with another Hero. The only way to know for sure is based on the real data from the game.

We understand that adjustments to the Heroes in the live game may be disappointing. However, we are confident that these changes are necessary for the overall balance of the game.

Why do you nerf Heroes?

Whenever possible, we try to avoid making Heroes weaker. However, if we notice that some Hero is clearly stronger than all the other heroes of the same rarity, we are sometimes forced to “nerf” it instead of boosting all the other Heroes.

Do you ever buff old Heroes?

From time to time, we do buff older Heroes to keep them viable and fun to play with. We review player feedback on existing Heroes routinely, so the best way to get your opinion heard is to share your ideas on our Community Forum, under the Ideas & Feature Requests category.

Why aren’t all balance changes tested in Beta?

We aim to bring most of the new features and changes to Beta first, as the input from the players is vital to keeping the gameplay experience as fun and gratifying as possible.

However, if we believe there is little room for further adjustments, we may decide to release the balance changes straight in the live game. We don’t want to publish things in Beta that we cannot change based on tester feedback.

How do you measure balance?

All our balance changes are based on the actual game metrics, as well as player feedback. Game balance develops over time, so it may take weeks or even months to determine how a certain Hero performs in the game.

How do you make sure that new Heroes are not too strong versus old Heroes?

Our aim is always to ensure each Hero provides some utility in the game. That being said, we do want the new Heroes to be exciting and desirable. We use all the tools at our disposal to make sure that the new Heroes won’t be too strong compared to the old ones. The final item in this toolbox is re-balancing the Heroes based on live data if needed.

How can I give feedback on the balance changes?

We invite you to express your thoughts on balance changes by joining the discussion here on our Community Forum.


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