Beta not opened yet?

I am surprised that beta has not opened back up yet. Hoping for HA but expecting New sand empire updates and July HOTM


Well, over here May just started a few days ago, so maybe ne need to hurry right now?! :thinking:

Been wondering the same. August HOTM might be in there too. Hoping for a good red sniper in July

I’m not. There’s almost always about this much time with Beta closed after a release.

It was also a long holiday weekend in Finland.


Thanks Zephyr, any guesses on what will be in beta?

And by “about this much time,” does that mean about a week or perhaps longer? Is there a fair chance of going 2-4 weeks at a time without beta?

I expect we’ll see a variety of things this month, including:

  • New HOTM
  • Balance changes for existing heroes
  • Sand Empire updates
  • Hero Academy

I don’t know what the timing for each will be, other than balance changes and Hero Academy are in the works.

I don’t expect Hero Academy this week based on the latest update from the Small Giant Staff. It was originally slated for Beta this week, but they’re still working on it.

A week or longer is quite common.

2 weeks isn’t unusual.

I can’t recall a time there was a 4 week gap, but it may have happened at some point.


@zephyr1 thanks mate :+1:

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I’m reading this, perhaps hopefully, as a nerf for Telluria. Or maybe they are finally going to make my maxed Thorne useful?

No! No nerf for Telluria! Mine isn’t even at 4th ascension yet. At least let me have a little fun first.

The rest of it sounds exciting :smiley:


My attitude would be quite different, of course, if I had been able to land her last month. Congrats on having her.


Still no HA into the beta? Another slap to the face…
It should be a very amazing/shiny building if they need more than 500 days to work only on one building.

Maybe they can’t decide on the roof color.


They nerf Tell and spenders will walk, I believe a good amount of them are looking for a reason to walk and this would be one.
I’ll wait and see, but knowing there is a chance I won’t be spending in anticipation of nerfing Tell.
I don’t believe people understand why tanks like Tell are needed in the game (especially top cycle wars). We don’t need a Tell nerf, but we need more tanks like her to challenge people with hero depth. Going vs Tell tanks is frustrating for me, but I 100% enjoy the unpredictability of wars vs her.


As there’s plenty of discussion elsewhere of whether or not to nerf Telluria, and it seems discussion is heading in that direction, I’ve closed this thread.

If you want to discuss that further, please continue here: Nerfing Telluria (Mar 2020 HOTM) ---> POLL IN POST #2; [Staff Comment Post #1456]

When Beta reopens, I’ll create a new Beta Beat thread with information on what’s being tested.


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