Input on Ascending and Leveling my team

I would like to know which of my trained heroes I should ascend and which untrained heroes I should focus on or potentially get rid of since I have a few duplicates. I currently have 4 compasses.

These are my ascension candidates

These are my untrained heroes

These are my ascension materials

I dont have that much material now but I’ll use this information in the future when I do

Could you also please post your ascension materials?

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Thanks for updating with mats.

I believe in color-matched training when plausible to get the extra 20% experience bonus from feeders, so i usually run five heroes in training, one per color. My counsel for you is:

  • Purple: Ascend Proteus, then Rigard. These are both excellent heroes, but Proteus needs to be maxed to max his special.
  • Yellow: Wu Kong will be a huge help on titan hits, so he should get you next orbs. Keep moving Joon to 3/70.
  • Blue: Finish Sonya. grimm should be ypur next priority; he’s a truly great attacker.
  • Green: get Evelyn to 3/70. Personally I would prefer to ascend Caedmon then. Kashhrek is a beast at tank, but he will be useful in thatbrole for a very brief period of your career.
  • Red: get Zimkitha to 3/70 then ascend Boldtusk.

A general rule of thumb is that you will get three 3* mats of a color (say, hidden blades) for each 4* mat (say, mystic rings). So there’s no reason to sit on blades for Zimkitha now, because you’re likely to get 12 more blades while you accumulate the missing 4 rings.


Thank you for the detailed answer. I appreciate your advice. My last concern is what I should do with the untrained duplicates ( the two Caedmon, Boril, Sonya, and Scarlett). Should I train them sway? I would still have 6 teams for war even if I trained them away because I have a fully leveled 3 star team that isnt shown in the pictures above that I use for challenge events.

Unless you;re really crunched for hero slots, i would hold dupes. Slots are cheap.