🎯 Infographics: TITAN TEAMS

I have created these instructional cards for titan before. Maybe it can help someone in the beginning. Do you know of other heroes who are really good to fight titan, who are not there?

Norns, their special skill: The target and nearby enemies become weak against the element they are strong against for 4 turns. They stay weak against the element they are normally weak against.


Fire_icon = Ice_icon + Nature_icon

Ice_icon = Nature_icon + Fire_icon

Nature_icon = Fire_icon + Ice_icon

Holy_icon = Dark_icon + Holy_icon

Dark_icon = Holy_icon + Dark_icon

Guardian Chameleon, his special skill: Changes the element of all enemies to the element they are strong against for 4 turns. All allies get +54% attack and +36% critical chance for 4 turns.

Guardian Chameleon







Frigg does regular defensive down not elemental and there are new costumes Marjana and Leonidas and also Asterius do def down.


Nice work!

I think it’s worth mentioning that rare titans reflect tiles of their own colour so it’s not a very good idea to use certain heroes.

For example, for the tiger - Wilbur, Gormek and Santa. For the unicorn - Athena, Isarnia, Magni, Finley, Grimm, Kiril, etc.


Ahh, sorry. Yes, that is TRUE. I didn’t say that there. Important note.


Хорошо когда выше перечисленные есть герои! А новичкам что делать у кого есть только два 5* героя?! А основной состав 4ки(которые в прокачку ещё) и 3*?!

Sorry I don’t understand your language. Only google translator. But why not? For example in the fight against 3* - 6* titans.

Nice, but it can be better if you add some new costume within buff attack skill. Some heroes from villain family, are a good option too.

Thx for making this infographics.

Very nice. One observation though, Tarlak shouldn’t be used against green rare titans too. Awesome job though. I’m going to share this with my alliance mates.

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Finally one that included Guardian Gazelle on Dark/Purple but why not on all of them.


Thanks for this great resource! Shared the link with my alliance in line.

I don’t have him maxed yet, but Karnov is a dark 5* version of Jott.

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Thanks for the infographics!

But why the hate for Gazelle? :rofl:

Good job! :+1:

why no costume Marj, or elemental D down on a green titan?

I would not put Jott with krampus or other attack buffers… simply cuz they make wonders on the same team.
Same for ratatoskr or other tile buffers.
Anyway good initiative

Jott and Krampus have specials that DO NOT overwrite each other. Jott enhances the shields on the board and Krampus give an attack buff. They should be on every blue team together.

Exactly this…thats why they should not stay on the same column.

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I think i do understand what you try to say :slight_smile:

Thank you, I updated it.

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Thank you, I updated it. Missing there anyone else?