Need help to put together titan teams & base defense

Could love some help fielding the correct team and who i should concentrate on leveling

I personally put Franz and tile damage attack booster (Wu, bertulf, CWilbur, Sergei or any of the 5 star options on every team.
Then I add 3 heroes of the strong colour for EDD, DD and general attack boost. You can do attack boost with items (bear banner etc), if you want to rather add another hero with a different skill, like changing the power of tiles or critical damage)
So as an example in purple you could do: Treevil (best purple def down in the game, plus attack down and mana slow for protection), Sergei (EDD on first charge, tile attack boost on second charge), Agrafena (best attack boost in the game). Since Sergei fills 2 roles you can pick an additional hero, either with an additional skill or if none is available, simply the one with the highest attack stat.
Same principle for all colours.

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You have a very nice roster of choices…but there isn’t enough room for all the information available to share in one post…lol… fortunately you have wonderful people here in the forum to help you.
Good luck!

This will help with titan teams

I also found this helpful when i started out…maybe a bit dated now but the basics are there

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