🎯 Infographics: TITAN TEAMS

Thx a lot, I updated it.

I created it before they appeared new costumes and new events. But, I updated it. Missing there anyone else?

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Yes, it does not mean that when they are in the same column that they cannot be on the same team.

Maybe because I don’t have Guardian Gazelle. Is it good for all the colors of the titans?

Add a grimm costume, ulmer costum, scarlet costume, kailani costume

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Absolutely agree…Jott and Kiril / Krampus have different effects so it stacks.

From the creators point of view I absolutely understand not doing a new column for only Jott, Ratatoskr and Karnov. And I think he wanted to use 5 columns as you have 5 heroes per team. Fully understand.

But there really needs to be a remark that this effect stacks with normal attack boost. @Wick

Nicely done :+1: I like it how you handled the “Rare titan” issue. :slightly_smiling_face:


Another suggestion: mark the heroes that provide crit chance buff (Melia, Gregorion, Ares , Shadereave) either with an icon or word

Side note Gazelle is great for any titan she should be there even at the last spot for every titan (althougth i think she is better tahn Ranvir , and i don’t have her!).
Also corrosive stacks with regular defense down so those heroes have theyr own def down place…
Same goes with critical chance as said above…
as not everyone has all those heroes and some of them do stack ppl migth get confuse and just opt for one of each column…
I like the work but it might be more clear …

Just An Example on grren titan (if i had the heroes) i would take gregorian and ratatoskr and none of the fifth column…

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Will write the answer here in English and Russian, sorry for that everyone.


Basically what the person is asking is that: “It’s great when you have all those heroes listed above. But what about the new players? What about those that barely have two 5*, all the 4* are still leveling up and only ones at the ready are 3*?”

A team of 3* heroes with the right items can still be very effective versus titans. My personal experience extends only to titans of 6* though. I even currently have a way under-developed account with only three underleveled 3* heroes, and that account today inflicted a total of 18 000 damage with 5 titan energy flags to a 6* purple titan. He had a team of Bane-Kenjiro-Kenjiro-Kenjiro-Kenjiro, Bane 2/27 btw, all Kenjiros 1/1. What I did with that account - aimed for the weak spot with any color combination until I had the chance to either form a yellow diamond or unleash 3 yellow tiles in the titan’s weak spot. If I couldn’t, I went for 3 yellows anywhere. Also since the titan killed only one of my heroes if unsuccessful to stun him, I had some time to try and go for real damage.

Same is true about 3* heroes versus higher level titans. However it’s best to add to the mix a 3* that can buff attack value and also one that can decrease enemy’s defense at least. Best classic examples of that are Brienne and Valen. Also Valen is the best poor man’s debuffer since he charges fast and his debuff lasts for six turns. So for example a good team vs a purple 6* titan would be Brienne-Valen-Bane-Bane-Kailani.

Def debuff is more important to the weak team than attack buff, since when a hero dies, the attack buff dies with him and he scores only his base damage further on. But when the titan’s def is down, even dead heroes score more damage.

Use of Minor mana potions to charge the buff and debuff heroes in the party fast is required as well as an occasional Arrow attack to try to keep the team alive as long as possible. Aside from that, antidotes are your best friend against higher-level titans’ breath effects like poison.


Отбор состоящих из только 3* героев сможет много чего сделать против титан. У меня к сожалению только опыт с титанов до 6* уровня, не выше. Но вот что можно сделать.

Сначала, скажу что даже новичкие игроки без никакие 3* героев могут сделать много чего против титана. У меня такой акк сделал сегодня 18к урона с 5 атаки против виолетового титана. Он ставил тим Бейн-Кенджиро-Кенджиро-Кенджиро-Кенджиро, уронил тока в слабое месте с любого цвета пока смог, теряв при етому только 1 герой при неудачном ударе, в один момент смог сделать либо желтого кристалла, либо смог уронить несколько раза в слабое месте с желтая комбинация, и наконец уронил где мог с желтое.

Ето и способ когда у тебя есть 3* тим героев против високого уровня титана. Но при етом случае нужно добавить в отбор еще 3* герой которой качает атаку и такой которой снижает защита у титана. У меня рекомендация к Бриена и Вален. Еще лучше их снабдить с маленькие зельи мана чтоб смог их быстро заредить когда нужно. Также нужно носить Атака-стрела чтоб заслепять очередно титана и таким образом выживать больше времени. Еще нужно нести с собой антидотов чтоб неутрализировать еффект специальной атаки титана как яд например.

Пример: Хорошой отбор против виолетового титана 6* будет: Бриена-Вален-Бейн-Бейн-Кайлани

Еще нужно помнить чтоб снижать защиту у титана лучше чем бафнуть себе атака, ибо когда у тебя герой умрет, там спадает и баф атаки и далее мертвой герой наносит только свой нормальной урон. А если защита у титана занижена, даже если герой умрет его базовая атака засчитаеться к урон отбора и он наносит больше урона.

Конечно, сможеш добавить свои 4* и 5* к отбор 3* но тольно если они соответствуют на сильного цвета против титана.

Yes it give +100% attack boost and a defense boost to all. You do not get the miss like Wu. The only problem is no other buff can stack on your heroes and if she dies while skill is enabled you loose all mana.

Thank you, I updated it.

Thank you, I added it.

Ok. I added Gazella to all the Titans.

Terrific! Those icons and the increased tile damage icons look great! :sunglasses:

My husband and I are finding your guide to be so helpful? We’ve seen great improvements already!

Its made us study our rosters for previously overlooked heroes and put them to better use.


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