Improving my yellow mono team

Looking to improve my raiding. I find a mono team with one or no vf heroes must rely on synergy rather than power.

Joon +20/lb

Lara +17/lb

Poseidon +20

Onatel +20

Sij +9

Uraeus +8

Thor +4

Poseidon +1

Eloise 3.70

Hanitra 3.70

Justice 3.70

Leonidas 3.70

W. Rabbit/c 3.70

What is best raid team by position?

What yellow mana or magic troops do you have? Getting as many of your heroes to charge and fire at the same time helps a lot

First three years on game gave me no mana troops. Now, I have two mana troops at level 21. No magic or ninja troops

Level 21 troops will give you +11% mana so you can charge your average heroes in 9 tiles only if the heroes have a +2% or +4% emblem node. If you can get the troops to level 23, then the 13% mana is enough for any of your average heroes.

Your best bet would be a 3 fast + 2 average (with mana node) formation. I don’t have most of your heroes, but I believe Joon and Poseidon are fast, and Thor is VF. Onatel should have the mana node. If you can get Kara to +19, then that’d be good.

It will be a no-healer attack though. Do you have Lady Wool or D’Andre at 4*?

Edit : Oh, Sif’s a rogue. Did you take her mana node?

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True mono offense teams have the basic titan attack comp. Plus a healer. Most ppl do not have a yellow defense down hero soo yellow is the hardest to make.

You have white rabbit. Congrats.

You want all or as many of these things as possible

Attack up, defense down, elemental defense down. And a healer. Aoe.

Otherwise you just have a bunch of the same color heros not a real mono attacker imo

You need to find a edd yellow maybe run HA8 for jackal and pair with white Rabbit.

two hints to a mono team from me:

  1. It should include a healer. by the way, with yellow there are two great 4s: the sheep and D’Andre. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a 5* like Vivica.

  2. In addition to a color defdowner and a general defdowner, I also recommend a dispeller such as Devana.

5 heroes: 1 healer, 1 Dispeller, 1 color defdowner, 1 defdowner and then either a taunter like Kara or a fast hitter/triple hitter.

The simple solution to most of your problems is to not play mono.

You don´t have the heroes/synergy nor the troops to play mono well.

Basically what you are doing right now is to either put the 5 biggest heroes you have into a team without any synergy in their abilities, or you use subpar heroes to create synergies. While all the while you only have 2 upgraded troops to back them up (which means 3 heroes go without proper troops).

If you want to improve your raiding, play something like 3-2, 3-1-1 or 2-2-1. That way you can use your strongest heroes, create synergies and back them up with troops.