Immortal Assassins is looking

Immortal Assassins is a new group. If you are a casual gamer, STOP reading and go to the next ad. We are looking for hard core gamers. We prefer you to be at least level 40, although we do have one at 36 and one at level 37, everyone else is from level 76 down. We require ALL 6 flags used in war and for you to hit the Titans as much as possible. So if your current situation is not to your liking and what I’ve described is, then we have room for you…Head on in.

We can use more players as long as your not casual and actually want to play. Line isn’t required but we do have a Line channel

We won our first War…So come on out folksimage

Are you awesome?

If the answer to that question is yes then you should be in our alliance.

If not then feel free to look elsewhere :grinning:

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Just letting y’all know we have two spots available for anyone who fancies a new home after today’s war.

Currently switching between 10* & 11* Titans so a team power around 3900+ is preferable and must use your flags.

Other than that it’s fairly chill and there’s no such thing as a stupid question :sweat_smile:

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We just opened up 2 spots for the right people.

We are a rapidly rising alliance who are now taking down all 11* Titans and some 12*s (including rares). We use Harpoons so you will get Titan parts even if you haven’t researched Harpoons yet.

Because of the Titan strengths you would need to have at least a 4000TP defence and 6 teams needed for war.

If you’re not progressing with your current alliance, it’s the wrong alliance for you, join us instead :wink:

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