Animated Assassins needs Assassins

We haven’t needed to recruit in quite some time, but several members recently called it quits.
We have 7 openings at the moment. A small alliance could merge in, or any players looking for a home.

We have members of up to level 103. Cups do not matter, but we are looking for players at level 60+. We were slaying 14* titans at capacity.

We are a fun laid back bunch, and have players from several different countries. We do want players that participate. Hitting titans is a must. If opting in war then of course using all flags is expected. Opt out as you want. We do realize life issues sometimes get in the way and are excused.
We use a penalty system for misses.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, then we would love to have you join our team.



Only 6 spots remaining now… Don’t miss out on this opportunity, this is a great alliance! My old alliance (Shadow Elysium) merged with them almost a year ago. We have good participation, a friendly athmosphere, lots of fun, and an understanding that real life needs to go before the game some times.

Hello. My wife and i would like to join your alliance.
BEACHBUM level 112 2500 t
RUBY*SLIPPER level 97 2500t
We have been playing for years. Always hit titans and participate in wars. Present alliance falling apart because (the usual) missed titans and wars. We would be able to come after this coming war.

Awesome! We still have room and would love to have you both.

Assassins still needed!

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Think I’d fit in nicely, sent request

Welcome aboard Rambo!

We still have 3 more spots available.

Assassins still needed. Come join our clan.

Still looking for members. We currently have 5 open spots. Come check us out.

Currently have 6 openings.

We have got some great new members since we posted here, but also some old ones taking a break from or leaving the game, so we are still recruting. Come join a friendly, casual, but still dedicated and competetive alliance!

I bet you have sometime wondered what it would be like to be an assassin? Join us and fulfil your dream!

Only 3 openings left now, don’t miss your chance to join!

We need 2 more assassin’s. If you are a fit and need a home, come check us out. We have a great clan!

One spot open for a dedicated assassin. Got what it takes? Come join our clan.

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