Deadly Assassins now has some spots open! (looking for merger)

We recently had some members leave us because they didn’t want to adhere to some simple rules. Use all war flags and hit Titan at least 4 times. We don’t think that’s a lot to ask. We have room to take a small alliance of 10 now if your looking to join us. We were at the point where we were going to get a 10* titan next but will probably slip back to 7*-8* now until we fill back up. We have 4 players with a war defense over 4100 and 2 more close to the 4k mark. Come join us if your looking to up your game

Deadly Assassins

We have not different expectations than most other alliances. We even try to break the war hits up based on your level, we have a couple that just do clean up duty. We don’t ask to hit war at specific time but give you a range and it’s usually a 6-8 window that you choose.

I will also say nothing specific about alliance that is better than others, but will say we have a good close knit group that chats and a lot of times, it’s not even about the game, but we do that as well.

We are family oriented as my kids are in the alliance. We have another husband/wife/son family as well.

So check us out, you might actually like it.

Oh and we do usually win most wars, 3 out of 4. I’m sure are war coordinator could tell you but most don’t keep track

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Here’s our top 10

Just to add…our discord site is full of useful information. We each have our own channel that we post videos to of raid/titan battles or other tutorials aimed to helping eachother get better. Along with channels dedicated to war strategy and channels dedicated to education on maps/leveling/quests…etc. We are a close knit group and are looking for another small alliance to come join us

We are still looking for active players to come help us slay titans. If you want to participate in wars that’s a plus…if not we are all good with that too.

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