Immortal Assassins - looking for 1 strong active player

We are looking for 1 player to fill the alliance. We are currently killing 10/11* titans consistently. We are looking for members that:
-Have a defense team power of 4000
-Will hit titan 5+ times/day
-Participate in wars and follow the plan

We are serious about our requirements and have recently kicked some for not participating. If you are interested respond here, find us in the game, or hit me up on Line id doc_man

Line or in game will be a faster response.

We are. We’re up to 15 now. Line isn’t required but encouraged. Sorry for slow response but have been out of town.

Hi. I am disillusioned with players not giving 100% in my current alliance and the leaders don’t seem too bothered.
TP 4100 and normally around 2500 cups. Would be interested in joining if you still have space. Just got 1 more titan to kill for the 5 kill bonus so would join tomorrow if ok with you guys.

Just send request and we’ll add you.

We now have 6 spots open. War chest has been reset and is at zero. Give us a look if you are looking for a new alliance.

We’ve had some recent turnover and now have 8 spots open. We also have a great core team going here so reach out if you’re interested and have questions.

We now have 7 spots open, please let me know if you are interested.

One spot left. Join while you can!

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