Immortals - join or merge - Be one of us!


We are a fun and friendly adult alliance of veteran players looking to fill our ranks. Our criteria is simple. Have fun, be respectful, attack the titan, use all flags in war (opting out is ok too). We currently have 9 seats available and would also consider a merger with a smaller alliance as well. We have a Facebook page (optional) full of tutorials, aids, and graphs/charts for those who seek additional learning. We are not creeps, harassers, or trash talkers. Just a laid back bunch who want bigger titans, bigger loot and to flip war chests! Isn’t the point to excel your individual teams through coordinated team efforts? Let’s link up! Our leadership is approachable, friendly, and informative. I’d even buy ya beer if you lived nearby! Our ranks average 1700+ cups and currently have a very low cup threshold to join. I am ex-military and currently have a few members oversees serving as well as other members overseas – we have round the clock coverage! We take the game very seriously however also understand that real life comes first. We welcome all newcomers with open arms!

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Wanted to note - we are also using harpoons on titans. Do you have a titan heart yet?

We also have LINE but isn’t required id is trickypapaimmortals1 if you want to chat on there.

8 seats left. Still looking for you :wink:

Taking this guy down with ease.

7 seats left. The search for more allies continues :wink:

6 seats left - join or merge - we’re looking for you :wink:

Alliance score is rising. :grin:

I’m looking for an alliance that wants to participate the one I’m in I’m the only one in wars and titans. I have three teams over 3000

@Gpagerling we are very VERY active. Come see for yourself!! It would be our pleasure to have you!

I’ve given the alliance a heads up to accept you when you request admission. Hope to see you soon.

Sounds like you will fit right in with us.

More then 20 characters.

Looking to fill a few more seats.

A few spots open - look for you :sunglasses:

Another one down. A few seats left.

Rare dead - where you at?

A few seats are open - looking for some strong teammates! Are you out there?

Took this guy down - help out with the next one?