Im lost with all my heroes

Im a bit lost W hat to do now with my remainimg heroes… Whom to level, who to feed to others and in general…
I plan on there teams, in Order of priority: Titan/offense /defense
And im lost with all the abilities, passives&actives. Think i need some advice IJ which direction i should develope

Now i hope the screenshots are ok or if everyone laughs bc i am Not able to insert pics in this thread.
And thanks in advance for reading and commenting

Heroes who decrease defense and increase attack first:
Ulmer, Valen, Wilbur, Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek, Isarnia, Athena

So Wilbur, Grimm and Tiburtus

Heroes who increase your attack second:
Brienne, Wu Kong, Kiril, Boldtusk, Zimkitha, Khiona, Tarlak

So Wu Kong, Kiril, Khiona and Zimkitha

Every hero could be good here, change your attacking team to counter your foe’s defense.

Id say to level heroes for titans and then use them as your first defending team: titans > raids when it comes to loot.

Thanks man for your fast Reply. Will think about it and come back with questions or whatsoever :slight_smile:

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Highest priority for titan and offence Wilbur and wu Kong

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First off Whoo you have a lot of fives. You have either been playing a long time; the luckiest player I have ever seen or spending a lot of mony. Assuming it is the latter being a newbie I will tell you my perspective. This is not like any other game, be who you are, fight as you would fight, and strategize the way you would in real life. You want some one to have your back that would be a hero that can reenergize you (excuse the spelling errors), you want some one who can take the lead and handle more that one enemy at a time, you need that guy (and by using the word guy I am not referring to gender) who can get you what ever you need, that would be your wizard. Read, Read, Read this is not the other games if you try to learn as you go you will loose more ground then you gain. Most of the player in here will help you at the drop of a hat but understand a lot of them have donated there time to create the tools to make you successful and have posted it for everyone. Find the ones that fit your style and use them. I have even downloaded some for quick reference. Hope this helps and there is no disrespect intended if you are a seasoned player and I misunderstood the timing of the question. Newbie.

Thanks :slight_smile: and i font have any Problem called Newbie or whatsoever. Yes, i spent money, Not a Fortune but a bit More thanks just say 10 Euro a month. And i was extremely lucky as well.reas your advice and understand :slight_smile: thanks man (genderneutral)

Definitely Wukong and Wilbur it’s the duo of death in offense and extremely efficient against titans. You wont regret it.
I have both and when using both, it’s a slaughterhouse.

Sounds awesome… Wu Kong is now at 3/45,Willi still on 1/15 or so…

Just a thought before you get rid of heroes…you say planning on three teams, as you advance and if you want to participate in the alliance wars, you definitely want six teams, as you can only use each hero once. So a total of 30 heroes, six teams of five. And the events require teams of 3* and 4* as well as 5*.

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