Help deciding which Heroes to Level

A brief background: Monthly budget $ >10, mainly specials i.e. 200 gems for .99. My goal for leveling is to 1) be able to complete monthly Legendary part, 2) grow strength to defeat 3rd battle of trials 2b) Stronger Titan team

Current Hereos:
[Kellie, Kiril fully leveled]

Holy: Wu Kong, Liu Xu - lvl 3 60, Chao
Dark: Cyprian, Tibertus
Blue: Boril, Sonya, Agwe
Nature: Evelyn, Mother North, Horghall, Kashrek. Little John x2, SkittleSkull, Gobbler
Red: Scarlett, Boldtusk, Colen. Wilbur, Sumitumo

def: Leodonis, Cyprian, Kiril, Kaldien, Kellie

Other heroes: Tibertus x 2, Cyprian x 3, Liu, Kiril x2, Scarlett.

My 3* red team im working on 5 nama, have rudolph, hawkmoon

Blue * Gato, Valen have plenty just slowly working on building the team

Parts: 7 compass, 8 trap, 6 shield, 3 fine gloves, 8 hidden blades, 6 warm capes, 6 shields

I was thinking Boldtusk for a red healer, Evelynn, then unsure.

Your experience input is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Mother north!!!
Wu kong

All will do u proud in all aspects of game.
Dont worry about ascention mats. They will come


thanks for the input

Agreed with all the above heros, I know you never mentioned your defence , the only adjustment in that order is I would say kashrek in place of colen in that case. The WU Wilbur combo is amazing for quests and events . I’ve been playing for 8 months and still use boltusk in titans, I’d still be using WU if I didnt hit the jackpot with tarlak. And trials are a whole different story! I am still having problems with the druid/sorcerer/cleric missions even now, best you can do is bring your troubled classes up to at least 4* 3-60 and use a ton of items :stuck_out_tongue: . Keep on doing what you’re doing, it looks like you’re on the right track.

Mama North, Evelyn and Agwe are a great team for world levels. Sonya and Boldie as supporters for good tile damage and to debuff.

You’ve got some great heroes, so ascent whoever comes to that point.

Wu is a big one, too, since he maximizes your tile damage. Allways release him after other specials to avoid missing. He’s sth like the trump card in this game. Not very reliable and a bit squishy, but most of the time deadly.

Agwe has a bad reputation, but i level him for challenge events, where blue is needed, 2 medium mana potions at start and here we go, you’ll need a blue damage all hero (there aren’t many) to be fast on those events in my opinion and I’m trying to form the weirdest looking team, therefore he’s needed too😄

You definitely should invest time in your other 4stars before 5 stars. The latter take a lot more resources and time to level up… you can level up more heroes quicker, which will have you set for getting those ascension items for the 5stars faster.

I’m not taking classes into account here… so take what I say with a bit of a grain of salt. Classes will be important for class quests. But that’s it. They don’t matter while training, and they won’t really help much until you’ve activated more talent nodes. Which is slow going for everyone right now.

So I’d go with:

  1. Wu Kong for sure… if you want more titan damage, that’s who you go with.
  2. Tibertus over Cyprian any day… His skill is just super helpful
  3. As tempting as it may be to level Mother North and Evelyn, I would at least not push them past 3/70. Rather I’d suggest going for Little John, he has low health and speed, but his mana regen down effect is great and he has awesome tile damage.

Edit: Oh yeah, and since you’ve got other blue and red heroes, I missed going into detail for those. But here goes now:

  • Toss up between Sonya or Borril… I think Sonya is better in more situations with her debuff effect, but Borril’s riposte can help a lot against the hard hitting enemies, and those are plentiful in the more difficult quests. He also has better stats than Cyprian (imo) so that’s why I recommend him more.
  • Boldtusk is really good, Scarlett is really good too, and so is Wilbur. All of them are helpful in their own way for helping your team survive: BT heals and increases attack, Scarlett is fast and decreases enemy atk, and Wilbur’s spirit link affects the enemy pretty negatively, it helps spread damage across the enemy while keeping you defensively buffed.

Again though, I’m not considering classes here… so if you note that you have a gap with one of your classes for those quests, feel free to go that way.

@SoaringJets I see a list of Ascension mats above and wanted to share this Ascension Calculator that I made a while back - it basically tells you how far you can level 4* or 5* heroes based upon what you enter as your inventory. You may use the calculator on that page itself, or make a copy of the spreadsheet and maintain the data from use-to-use. :slight_smile:

Could not agree more with ur first response.

MN above all. She can single handedly swing a battle where ur down to just her and BANG! she resurrects everyone and ones a healer and it goes from there
Then Wu and I think u said u had Boril too. Sorry bad short term memory. But def MN!

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