“If you have not guessed my name by month’s end, then you shall be mine!”

So I’ve got a problem. I need a center, and Kunchen is my best bet. I need a fully ascended blue 5 star, and Magni is my best bet.

For reference: I’ve got Lianna, Joon, Boril, Rigard, Hansel, and Boldtusk fully maxed, ascended, and capped.

But damn it all… I REALLY want to max out Rumplestiltskin. He’s a mediocre center, and a middling support hero. But I love his design. I love his rng play style. He’s just fun to play.

Do I dump time and effort into him, or focus on Magni/Kunchen?

Rumple Pros:

  1. Does well in a blue stack
  2. Fun to play on offense
  3. Looks cool (kinda like Ryuk mixed with an evil Jordan Peterson lol)

Rumple Cons:

  1. He’s not a threat on a D-team
  2. His skills are unpredictable
  3. His skills are often underwhelming.

But I can’t shake it - I love that Rumpleswagger.

What do you say? Min/max my heroes and get the most out of the OP ones? (Kunchen is hitting the leaderboards right now, he’s a good center, and a solid replacement for Rigard). Magni is simply better as a dps hero, or an off-tank/soak.

Should I play this game for style, or tryhard it?

No wrong answers here - but I’d love to here from anybody who has taken ol’ Rump to 3/60. Is he fun? Does he get frustrating? Are my ascension mats worth saving for somebody else?

Thanks for reading.

Kunchen and Rumplestiltskin are two different colors, so they don’t have much overlap unless you’re short on blades/tomes.

It sounds like you already know the pros and cons, but hey if Rumplestiltskin gives you joy, I’d say go for it and don’t look back. This is a game. Have fun!

Well definitely work on Kunchen.

Magni is obviously the better choice, for being more consistent.

Rumpelstiltskin can be annoying to face in defense just for being so unpredictable, but that’s about it. He does seem pretty fun to play, just for the pure unpredictability, but I also suppose that his effects may not always help you when you need them most.

I faced a team with him flanking GM tank. First match I lost, he played Stars card (+48% atk and -34% def to enemy), which imo is his best card. However, on the rematch he played Cross (+27% health and dispel), which wasn’t very useful that time, and gave me a free pass to kill the GM tank.

I wouldn’t expect to hold cups with Rumpel just for being unpredictable, but if you want to go for style, then I say do it.

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Thanks guys. Holding cups, or racing to the top of the lists, isn’t really my style. I like focusing on heroes that really, truly, seem fun to me.

Hence: Joon, the ultimate fast action yellow super sayan battle monk.

Hence: Lianna and Hansel for my green stack. In my head-canon, they’re master and apprentice, with the guru delivering deathblows, and the protege working mana control.

I think the answer to Rumplestiltskin’s riddle might be style over power. I’d love to place him on my D-team. I’d also like to bring him out in wars and PvE for the fun of it.

For conrast: Boril was a purely utilitarian choice for leveling. He took me up into Platinum league, and worked wonders for my team at the time. But I quickly grew bored with him. Never was a fan of dwarves in my swords and sorcery. Plus his special is so ‘passive’ compared to the synergies I get out of Hansel x Lianna.

Anyway, I’m grateful for the thoughtful posts. And I’d love to hear from anybody who runs Rumple regularly.


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Kunchen and Rumplestiltskin are two different colors, so they don’t have much overlap unless you’re short on blades/tomes.

True true, they can be leveled in parallel. I bring up Kunchen because I’ve got him slated for center of my D-team, which I’ve also considered for Rumplestiltskin. Currently running [Hansel • Joon • Rigard/Boril • Lianna • Boldtusk] for defense, and doing well floating between platinum and diamond.

Anyway, that’s why I paired the two in my mind. Both are in the running for center D this summer.

This is a game. Have fun!

Wise words! I appreciate it.

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There are heroes that just pull at me like that, and I agree with others:. If he makes you happy, play him because you’ll have more fun!!! Conversely, there are heroes (Skittleskull and all of the undead) that I don’t want to look at every day…so I feed them. I have fed a 4* but hoping to never have to make that decision about a 5…

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I can’t stand some of those undead models. Sabina is such a good hero, and I need an enemy debuff BAD if I want to stop rerolling on Boril and Aegir, but I can’t do it. That nose hole.

That’s why Sonya is getting love instead, despite having more than enough blues for a stack without her.

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Rumple can really ruin your day if he keeps drawing skull cards to throw at ya. I speak from experience, lol

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