Clarissa or Kunchen, and what blue do I ascend?

Another who to level thread.

I am currently in the position where I suddenly have quite a few 5 star heroes to level at the same time since the mats trickled down evenly between the colours. I have made my decision for red and green (no yellow hero worth leveling) but I do not know about what to choose for purple and blue.

For info, I mostly rune 3/2 or 4/1 setups in raids and wars.

My current maxed purple 5 stars are:
Jabberwock, G. Panther, C Domitia, Sartana.

I can choose from
Clarissa, Kunchen, Marie Theresa, Dupe C Dom, Dupe Sartana, Obakan, Quintus.

I am currently hesitating between Clarissa and Kunchen. Clarissa seems to be more useful overall. However, Kunchen also fills a great niche now when we have rush wars. So far, I refrained to level him in favour of C Rigard.

For my blues, the maxed 5 stars are:
Master Lepus, C. Magni, Ariel, Athena, Vela

Options are:
Glenda, Raffaele, Rumpeltiltskin(?), Thorne, Richard, Isarna, Fenrir, Dupe C Magni.

Since I have a few damage dealers now, I am leaning towards Glenda or Raff, but I must admit that I am quite lost at the moment.

What are your suggestions. Tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Clarissa over Kunchen.

As for blues, hold on to your scopes until when you have enough to ascend 2 ice legendaries.

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For general use, Clarissa is better as she is more versatile and very fast. Kunchen is on the other hand a beast on very fast wars and tournaments and he is a very good offensive healer too.


Thanks both! @Ultra, @Mr.Sabaton! Clarissa it is. Will have to chill a bit on the blue :slight_smile:

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