Ideal Defense Team Suggestion

I’m theory crafting for my ideal defense team while I’m building up my current one. As it stands, once I have GM leveled, I’ll have:

Sartana 4.40 - Richard 3.40 - GM 3.40 - Ariel 3.40 - Lianna 4.40
(This is what I’m aiming for now just to replace my current Vivica/Richard/Kashhrek/Elena/Sartana defense team. The specific levels of the heroes don’t much matter, just wanted to include them for reference)

I like Richard, but my ideal left flank is Drake Fong. I think Sartana and Lianna do best on the wings, but do you think Ariel is better as a wing or a flank? If wing, which sniper should flank instead? I feel like Ariels’ higher defense (albeit less health) makes her decent at flank, and I obviously want her special to go off as soon as possible, which is why I think she’d ok as a flank.

Also as more of a min maxing question since I have a lot of 4 star troops, given my goal lineup (with drake fong), which 4 star troops should go to each hero as a defense team? I think the mana generation ones for GM, Sartana, and Lianna as GM doesn’t need crits and I want those to go off as fast as possible. But I think that if I have Ariel flank, and given that she actualy has the highest attack stat, giving her the crit chance and higher defense buff would be a great pairing for her. Drake I could see going either way since he’ll flank and has a fast special, although even faster than fast wouldn’t be bad lol.

Let me know what you think along with why please. Thanks!

No advice from me. Just an observation and one question. The observation: you think to put Ariel on the wing. Imo it is a big mistake. Allies should benefit from her special skill still are alive, not in the end of the combat. Question: why would you put crit troops in defense? The purpose?

Ariel - Lianna - GM - Richard - Sartana

Sartana Drake GM Ariel Lianna sounds go to me. Ariel on the wing is a mistake. Mana troops for every one.


Here you go. Good advice.

Ariel on the wing is flat out bad imo. Healers shouldn’t go on the wing unless they revive. Average speed heroes shouldn’t go on the wing in general.

Ariel is a flank or tank on defense imo

Lianna-GM-Ariel-Drake-Sartana is what I’d do. Mana troops on all.

GM, Ariel and Drake can all tank. Ariel’s mana boost is punishing and snowbally. GM is the most punishing with bad boards. Drake can be quite punishing too.

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Why do you have her tank instead of flank? I think her special will go off more as a flank than as a tank personally, but could be very wrong about that. Assuming an average board.

I won’t put Ariel as a tank. Maybe my own experience is flawed by Evelyn and my two Lianna (I also have Frida and two Magni) but except with a excellent board I’m are sure that GM will trigger at least one special before I charge mines. I have not the same feeling with Ariel. I never discard a blue tank when raiding. I discard from time to time GM as I have more miss on it (as kunchen and guenievre)

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Well the tank’s special usually goes off first (unless they die before ever casting). If her special goes off her mana gen boost will help everyone including her go off more often. If the opponent doesn’t dispell the mana gen boost then it should lead to a snowball win a lot of the time imo.

Her special won’t go off more often at flank. However having her at flank may allow her to survive long enough to cast it at least once.

Toss up between all those tanks imo. Personally I think healers are often best at tank if used on defense (see Kunchen/Delilah tanks).

My Ariel is 3.70. I have a GM+7 too. Was gonna experiment with Ariel at tank but perhaps my Ursena+7 is best there with Ariel flanking. My defense seems to do worse with GM over Ursena at tank.

For you I think it’s worth trying GM, Ariel and Drake and seeing what works best. All 3 are punishing in different ways

I struggle against GM the most out of those 3 but that’s because my blue attacking stack is the worst of all my colours right now. Once I ascend Ariel and get another good blue attacker to pair with Frida I think I’ll be laughing at red tanks.

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I’d go with Lianna-Ariel-GM-Drake-Sartana.

GM is a better tank than both Ariel and Drake since it’s not certain whether Ariel will fire and most people have a good team for yellow tanks (because of Guin).
The left flank should be Ariel because she should heal the heroes before they fire to increase their chances of survival (in case there is a riposte hero in the attacker’s team).

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I pulled Ursena recently and love her ability on yellow titans. Was thinking about her as a tank, plus the little Atlantis family boost could be nice. For that reason too I was looking at using Poseidon over Richard, but I like Drake’s abilities better since I’m using Lianna and Sartana already. And blindness is super great imo. And I don’t have either Poseidon or Drake. Next Atlantis summon I’llhave to hope either of them are in the rotation

I’m with you, id love either Drake or Poseidon. Both would be dream heroes for my setups. Unfortunately Drake won’t be featured for another year. Poseidon should be featured again much sooner but probably not for a few months.

Ursena is a great tank. Ursena + Ariel for the 5% def boost is even better. That will be my combo soon.

Here’s the upcoming Atlantis portals for the next half a year based on the current patterns

SEP: Alberich!, Aegir
OCT: Zimkitha!, Thoth-Amun
NOV: Perseus, Evelyn!
DEC: Natalya, Onatel!
JAN: Zeline!, Kunchen!

! Denote heroes I’d REALLY like

The NOV HotM looks like a great Holy Ranger flank. Onatel in December would make a great holy flank too.

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Ursena, Ariel, and Poseidon would be sweet. Not sure if 10% matters all that much but it sounds fun at least honestly. No clue what red and green I would use in that setup though.

How do you know what’ll be in the next Atlantis rotation?

And holy crap I want Alberich so badly. I have some ideas for a mono green defense team with him and Lianna.

I really wish there were ways to get these heroes without waiting a year at a time if I just miss when they’re in the pool. Especially when they’re so strong

Look at that chart. It shows the current pattern they’ve been using. Based on that are the guesses I’ve posted

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Gotcha. Thank you. That’s frustrating lol

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