Defense Team Idea

So my current plan for my defense team is:
Vivica - Lianna - Gravemaker - Richard - Sartana (Lianna and Sartana are interchangeable. I just think Viv is better on the end).

I have Ariel, and I would rather use her, but I just don’t have a good yellow to replace Richard with. I could swap him for Justice, but I don’t think Justice is that strong.

Who do you think would make a good yellow replacement for Richard? In this scenario, I would do:
Lianna - Ariel - Gravemaker - (Yellow) - Sartana

I think Poseidon is a great fit, but past him, it’s hard for me to distinguish amongst the other yellow heroes.

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If you have Poseidon then him.

Justice at slow speed belongs on the tank position only imo. In my experience facing her on flank, I can take my time charging a cleanser or offensive skills to take her out before she fires.


Drake Fong is the strongest yellow flank on defense, IMO. Fast, blinds and does decent damage on three. He’s definitely the most common flank I see in top alliances’ war defenses next to a purple tank.


And her passive damage is just so low. 3.44 has the same attack roughly as a 2.28 ranvir

He looks like he fits better than Joon for me. Better defense and I already have two good snipers. His “AoE” seems to compliment GM nicely.

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For complicated reasons Joon is on my war defense, but on right wing, not flank.

He definitely seems to fit wing better with that lower defense and single target effect

I’d love to know the complicated reasons. :laughing:

Isn’t Joon on your left wing for raid defense?

Here’s my war defense, a bit bruised after the final battle of last war:

The preferred tank is Kunchen, but I love Ariel too much to shift cleric emblems. Likewise, I find that a Jackal/Joon combo is so effective on offense that I’m unwilling to emblem up Drake.

Without an emblemed Kunchen, Hel is the strongest purple tank, which shifts the Wizard emblems to her instead of Zeline, who is the ‘standard’ left flank in my alliance. That puts Alberich as my next strongest green defender, and he always lives in left corner. Alasie is my best fast blue sniper; she’s short on emblems because I love Athena too desrly.

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Dont need rainbow defense.
You have good heroes so just do the following and you can still maintain in diamond easily.

Ariel - Lianna - GM - Richard - Sartana

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