Alasie, Frosth or Passepartout?

Who gets the next set of telescopes…

I’m favouring C Alasie for her 20% mana cut to 3, uncleansable lower mana generation and element link (very useful in blue mono team).

However, Frosth has synergies with the Christmas team (Pengi, Krampus and C Mother North).

Last but not least, Passepartout is a good healer plus HP regeneration and increased defence based on green tiles (though I already have Ariel).

Already maxed and emblemed are Cobalt (LB), C Krampus (LB), Ariel, Quintin, Pengi and Arthur.

All are good heroes and will eventually ascend. Appreciate your thoughts and advice who gets them first.

C Alasie is awesome, you have Krampus levelled for minions and Ariel for heal so I suggest to go with C Alasie.

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Easy answer.


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  • C.Alasie
  • Frosthe
  • Passepartout

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Alaise. When she came out of the Legends portal with her costume, all resources went to getting her to +19. …granted, I was only working on 3* at the time. But that means cut and mana degen is a plus.

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Seems pretty unanimous. C Alasie it is. Thanks so much for confirming! :blush:

Out of interest, which of the following would you LB first?

C Alasie or one of the others already maxed (Quintin, Pengi or Ariel). I think it’s down to either Quintin or Pengi and leaning towards Quintin for his unique special.

I would probably do pengi, but maybe wait a few weeks in case more balance adjustments happen. Seems like he is a prime target atm.

Yes, I agree. Having experienced the recent C Krampus nerf, I’m wary Pengi may be next.

With Quintin, he’s special is unique and doesn’t depend on other minion summoners like Pengi for maximum effectiveness.

So for now, Quintin’s my prime candidate for LB but it’ll be at least another 1.5 to 2 months before the next ice Mirages of Omega challenge. A lot can happen, including new S5 heroes. Who knows? :wink:

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