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Good day everybody,

I would like to ask you if there is any pattern regarding special events and special offers for diamond :gem: ? When event is apparently coming there is always a special offer

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They always do some 200 or 400 gem offers for cheap before events. For Atlantis, those 200400 gem deals also include Atlantis coins. The Halloween and Christmas seasonals included month-long calendars of offers.

No one knows if there will be anything in the way of an offer calendar with Springvale, but it seems probable.

I’m hoping that they will have an offer calendar for spring.

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They did last time…twenty.

For Springvale? I couldn’t find any info on the forum about that…

I think it’s actually 400 gems and 25 coins. For $1.99 (four available). In contrast to the current offer of 200 gems (no coins) for $0.99 (five available).


Fixed. Thanks!

I’ve heard there was one last time

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