Having a hard time to build effective teams


First, please excuse me if I’m not posting in the right section, I hesitated between this one and “gameplay”.

I’m coming back in the game after a quite long stop, and I realize I still have the same problem as before : building effective teams. I know I have some pretty good heroes, and I mostly use them based on the way I like them “even if I don’t know why”, more than in a research of effectiveness. The problem is at a certain point you have to build effective teams otherwise you lose battles in chain, and you have to focus on some heroes to max them.

I know it must be the 10th billion topic about that, but if some kind peoples could show me some good teams to build with my heroes, saying why and for which purpose they are made, it would be very great. And, probably, which heroes I should focus on.

Thanks A LOT by advance !

You have some good heroes there, but right now it all depends on who you can fully ascend! I would focus on maxing a few of your key 4* heroes first.

Rigard, Buddy, Grimm, Kiril, Hansel, Merlin, and wilbur (in no particular order) would be my first projects.

If you do not have the mats to ascend any of the 4* heroes, i would get some of the 3* heroes you have maxed to use in wars and on titans. Valen, Belith, Balthazar, Tyrum, Hawkmoon, Gato, Namahage, Melia, Mnesseus would be projects i would work on for your 3*.

Try to build 1 rainbow team at a time and feed 10 feeder heroes at a time when leveling!


You’ll need to max a couple of 3 star teams so you can participate in events and tourneys - those are key to getting the materials needed to ascend your higher star heroes.

Wilbur, Wukong, and Rigard are your most important heroes right now.

Wilbur and Wukong will come to every titan battle for a while. The other 3 slots should be taken by a healer and 2 high-power heroes that are strong against the titan color. Titans are the BEST source of ascension materials, so be sure to get your hits in.

Rigard is a 5 star healer in disguise. Level him, talent him, use him. He’ll always be helpful.

I would suggest your first 3 star team be:

hawkmoon balthazar gato mnesseus bane

Good luck!

Yeah +1 to the above. Don’t forget your 3*. They are your gateway to unlocking more ascension items to get your 4* better.

Tournaments and events will come round at least monthly and you’ll start to get those ascension items you need.

I have just ascended another 3 3* this weekend with an eye on them still.

It doesn’t feel it but your 3* are every bit as important as the big shiny heroes.

In fact here is my collection of 3*. I’ll add a few more soon as well.

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@Cheds Nice 3 Star Army! I love the Bjorns. Here’s mine:

@Raghadorn Yeah those Bjorns are death. So took them all to 9 for the extra attack. Run them with C.Brienne and they hit like little trucks :joy:

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Hello everyone im not sure could i post it here but i would like to ask for advice what attack and defence teams i could build from those heroes that i got and what new i should be looking for :slight_smile: