I might use my first reset emblem

I only ever had that very first reset emblem from the introduction gift and I smothered it away like Golem with The Ring. I was never lucky like my other allies or people on the rewards threads. The last Trial (Survival?) Quest, they had a reset emblem in the 3rd stage as a completion reward and I was STOKED!. Now, I’m considering using a reset emblem for the first time. The question is… Should I?

I have had Rigard emblemed to 9 since emblems were a thing. He was my only cleric I had maxed. I have since pulled and maxed Hansel, and then today, maxed Vivica (I’m out of food now, so there’s time for debate!). Should I reset Rigard and split some of his emblems with Vivica? Without resetting him, I have 272 Cleric emblems. Is that enough to get Vivica started and able to hold her own? How many talent tiers would I need to give to Viv in order to include her in my defense instead of Onatel?

Here are some screen shots of my current defense.

Why would you do something like this? You cannot compare Viv with Onatel, lol. When I meet Vivica tank, I don’t even need to bring 5 heroes in battle :grin:


I don’t think you want to switch Onatel out for Vivica.

Also, you may want to stop spreading all of your emblems so thin. You have three rangers emblemed when you should only have one (Seshat).

I would not strip the emblems off Rigard since he still has a lot of value to you as a cleanser. It’s not hard for me to envision scenarios where you want a dark cleanser and a holy one is vastly inferior (and vice versa).

I would not put Vivica into your defense over Onatel. I think the latter is a substantially stronger greater asset for the defense. Vivica at tank is too passive, too slow, and too non-threatening. Plus her skill is easily dispellable by many dark heroes who are likely to come in a 3tack against a holy tank.

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My Ranger Emblems are spread thin because I maxed Athena first and Evelyn was maxed when the Emblems started, so I worked on both of them. Then I got Seshat and gave her the rest of my Ranger emblems and again never used a reset emblems before. Ranger emblems are what I seem to need the most, and what I have the least of.

Hopefully you’ll get more at trials. Probably they will give an emblem in loot periodically.

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War chests and raid tournaments are good places to try and get a reset.

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With emblems I’m gonna take some heros to a certain level! Some I’m gonna take higher than others.
As the vaule is still with them down the line, as not a fan of a total reset.
Maybe I’ll change my mind if I get certain hero etc…

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Rigard and Vivica ( together they fight crime)

I have Rigard 4*+18 and Vivica 5* 4.80. I still use Rigard more often since I usually need cleanse more than cleanse+ defense buff.

It is hard to time Vivica to get the most of her special skill.

But Vivica is very useful. There are no Classic 4* yellow healer.

I plan to take Vivica to 4*+1 since mana shield is awesome.

Reset emblems

I am too iron, and food, poor to use reset emblems


I once thought that reset tokens were the only way to reset the talent grid and reclaim emblems but later discovered that you can just reset and get back 95% of your tokens for not many gems at all. The downside as others have pointed out is that you lose a pile of food and iron that you used emblembing up in the first place. Only you can decide if you think it worth it; for what it’s worth, I move mine around infrequently because of the resources required to emblem something up.


I used my one and only red pill :wink: to reset Gan Ju to use all my Monk emblems on Bane. Fully buffed Bane hits harder than Gan Ju so the loss of mana reduction doesn’t really hurt.

It appears to be a good place for lucky people lol. I have yet to get any that weren’t guaranteed for everyone else doing the same thing (opening inbox and completing 3rd stage where one was a reward)

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