Do I need second TC20?

Hello community,
F2P here, question is in the topic.
I’ve recently completed TC20 and now thinking whether I need a second one or not. From one side I will increase my chances getting 4* and 5*, from the other side I will have less fodder heroes.
How did you decide this and why?

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On my alt account (which makes very few summons) I ran two TC20 until I had enough good heroes to work on. Since then I’ve shifted to running only one, using the other three to grind out fodder.


I would say absolutely yes.

Now, as to why:

  1. It’s true that you need to balance high-end hero chance production with fodder heros, but one TC20 produces a hero only every two days. Using estimated odds of about 4% for a 5* and 16% for a 4*, I’ve calculated about a 50-50 chance of a 5* every 30 summons, and 4* every four pulls. That’s too long with only one TC20.
  2. With two TCs, I can get a 4* a week and a 5* a month, on average. Every time a TC20 summons a hero, I can charge up my remaining ragged clothes in about a half an hour using it as a TC19, and then activate the TC20 again. That’s 30 new feeders a day, plus feeders from my others.
  3. I use #3 as a TC11 storage for my recruits, which pops out 12 new feeders every day. I use # 4 as a TC5-9 to speed level heroes, or as a TC11 for cheap feeders.

A 2-and-2 mix of 19/20s and 11s/5-8s or 1-2s has been well-balanced for me, give it a try and adjust as needed! As a FTP, you’ll be relying on TC20s to give you the deep roster you need for all game uses.

I’m a cheap-to-play, and if the RNG gods aren’t going your way, like they aren’t for me, I’m working on my third TC20, honestly.

I’ve gotten exactly 2 5* heroes, ever: both were Justice. I had my 2nd one running for at least a week before I finally got a 5* from it, so disappointing to pull the only possible dupe. I would have preffered a Wu.

My 4* pulls all seem to be Gormek or Boldtusk.

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Im lvl 39. Got plenty of heroes. 40+ leveled. I still run x2 TC20.

If you don‘t spend - in the long run - you want to have 2-3 tc20. I currently run 3-4 tc20 (without success) for over a month…

Can you explain what you mean by then activate TC20 again?

After one training has finished, you’re gonna produce fast feeders in it for say an hour or two and then start another long run.

And don’t forget… you only need to complete the research once for all your level 20 camps.

@Osmin Thanks for posting this topic. I’m also F2P and my first TC20 should come online in about a week. I also had this question. Seemed like with the low odds of getting a 5-star, it made sense to run 2 TC20s. I believe the odds of getting a 5-star from a TC20 have been estimated at roughly the same as getting a 4-star from a TC13. I ran a TC13 for close to two months and never pulled a 4-star, so I’m using that as a basis for how low the odds really are and trying to set my expectations accordingly.

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Yes - run a TC20 at the TC19 level until all ragged clothes are used up, then run the TC20 at the TC20 level again for a two-day hero.

I agree with @pinkymadigan and @Maaeetz that even a third TC20 makes sense, especially for FTP (or CTP like me). The main issue with running 3 TC20s is that it throws off the balance between adequate hero generation and feeders, so you have to time it right. But, as @princess1 says, there’s no extra research time, and eventually (like me) you get too much iron anyway, so can pop up a step from TC11 -> 20 every once in a while .

Do you have trouble fielding enough recruits in that setup, or can you stagger your TC20 generation such that you can refresh your supply enough to keep all three going?

I don’t have trouble with recruits, because one of our alliance members pointed that shortage out to me early, and I started using a TC11 as a permanent recruit storage unit (I have over 230 days of TC11 builds on that one).

In addition, I got lucky on TCs to balance out my atrocious luck with gem summons (7 10x pulls with no 5s), and got 6 of my first nine TC summons as useful 4s, plus Marjana (a 5*) on my twelfth pull which was my first one from a second TC20. So, I’ve not really run 3 TC20s, but will eventually when all the 4s and 5s are leveled.

It really is an individual timing call, but I think that two TC20s makes sense for just about everyone.

I find my training camps are fluid. I use them differently depending on every scenario. Which is why it’s still a great plan to level at least two to level 20 … just to increase your options.

I use two TC20 and two TC11.

TC20 A: permanent legendary training, queuing when I accumulate enough ham and recruits. storing food.
TC20 B: one legendary training, then 50-60 extra fast training, then return to legendary.
TC11 A: permanent extra low cost training, storing recruits.
TC11 B: elemental uncommon or lower (lvls 5-9), according with present needs; extra low cost when out of backpacks and training swords.

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I had 3 running for a while. I now have all the 4* available and am basically running them to get 5*. I have gone down to running 2 atm, because I would like to finish leveling a few lol. After a while tc20 becomes less exciting because inevitably you start getting a lot of repeats. But I do save the 3* until I have 4 the same and then feed them to themselves (cruel I know lol).

DOH!!! Clear as mudd now!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

In my opinion you should do 3 TC 20s and one TC 3. My reason is that TC 19 is a waste do TC 3 (the one that takes 2 minutes) instead because 1 minute and 2 minutes don’t make much of a difference and it’s less resources to do TC 3 instead of TC 19

I think TC3 is waste of recruits, best is TC1, TC2, TC11 and TC19.

1# TC11 constant (so we can move recruits everytime)
2# TC20
3# TC20
4# TC1 / TC2 / TC19 (based on sword/backpack/rugged cloth and food).

Edit: @H0CKEYPLAYER03, 5 recruits (TC3) VS 2 recruits (TC19), 3 recruits different is big numbers.


TC 19 has the same results as TC 3 but TC 3 is cheaper and only a whole minute longer

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