I don’t know who to level next

I’m at a total loss I have know idea who to level, should I bring one of my 5* sitting at 3/70 forward to 4/80 or is there someone sitting at 1/1 that I should consider. I have attached my entire roster, any insight would be appreciated.

Grimble is very good against minion summoners, Malicna is also very good hero, Grimble would be my first choice.

I would max Bai Yeong, he is good against “hit all” and Alfrike, second Malosi is also good choice.

Alexandine is good but I don’t think she will have much impact on your roster, Ariel and c.Kiril are better healers IMO. I would finish Raffaele, he is amazing in v.fast wars/tournaments and can be incredible with additional mana fron Grimble.

c.Francie for titans or Hatter for raids/wars.

Marjana/Russel, you need another red sniper.

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Grimble, Malosi, Raffaelle, Kestrel, Hatter, so many great additions to one’s roster. You can’t go wrong with any of them…


You have Cadilen with costume on 1/1. go for her first. once you have ascended both Cadilen and the costume, you can max first her costume, the costume is much better and faster to max than the normal versions.

I actually have Kailden and her costume maxed with emblems

Thank you so very much for your advice.