I am looking for a new Alli

Hello, I need urgently a new Alli. I have 39 5* heroes, my main troops are three 25, one 24 and one 27. I could play with a dark or red tank. The titan has to be a 14*.

Check out mighty insurrectionists. 14* titans, simple war strategy, optional discord. Come stop by and see if you might be a fit!

Hi Makawell,

Depending on what you’re looking for, check TBD: Part Deux out.

We’re a casual competitive alliance - no flags left in war, 12* Titan cap, great group of people. Always in the top 1k for Mythic.

Discord and Line enabled, but optional.

You’re welcome to join our discord first and have a look around.


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Thank you for the answers and the offer, bit I don’t like discord.

There’s no requirement to use it with us, feel free to knock in the game too. :smiley:

Edit: sorry, just seem you want 14* titans. Not our 12* cap. Good luck with your hunt!

The discord is optional so there isn’t a requirement to use it. I believe the alliance is set to open now so you are also welcome to come stop by in game and see if we might be a fit for you.


We string 14* titans and use purple tanks in wars. We use line for chat and war. If interested you can contact me on Line. ID: ffphier

Ahh bummer not on 14* titans on 12-13*
But with yah help could get to 14* :wink:

Lettuce know if interested we cool bunch.


Alliance is still invite only. Would like to check you all out. Hubby and I are looking for a new home. Active and friendly players.

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Hi! It was another alliance that said they’d set to open, I believe. You’re more than welcome to knock on the door of TBD and say you’re from the forum, someone will welcome you in!

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Hi @VillyBean you are both more than welcome to come and check out TBD: Part deux. If you want to chat first, you can always message me on discord: Macaque1902#2219 or on Line: kungfu_ferret

You would be welcome to join us, Taco2. We just merged with another team and it would be the perfect time for new players to join us. We are open so you can join us give it a try and if it’s not a fit no hard feelings. We are not high pressure. If you sign in for a war we expect you to use your flags. We understand life comes first, just respect each other and have fun.

Rising Dawn is a awesome alliance , with a great knowledge of players. We have 2 alliances one for training and the other is very competitive. We are private but come knock on the door and ask for J-Knight. We string 12 and 13 star titans, kick ■■■ in war and mainly have fun. AAAAAAOOOOOHHHHH!

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