Looking to join an alliance that chains 14* titans

Just like the topic says
I’m a talkative, easy-going guy

Just a thought…
You might want to include information on your hero / troop roster for higher level alliance recruiters to chime in with invitations for you to join :thinking:.


We have room in our alliance but you need to score at least 100k on titans and do not miss flags in war. Let me know if you re interested but I agree with @Sarah2. Showing troops and heroes increase your chances


Check out Malice in Blunderland, friendly group, recruitment post is active here

Crew- Jesters has a couple available spots! (Don’t see us full we have some people that wait kindly for their replacements to retire.) We are a top 200 alliance, killing 14* every day, we have flexible war strayegy, claim top 1k rewards in mythic titan and alliance quest, we use line for our communication and we have drama free atmosphere with many knowledgeable players. If you are interested my line id is kloster31 and i would be happy to see you there. These are our requirements:

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Hmm, well we are none of the above. We try our best and that’s all I can ask for. No begging, No limits. Play your best as we do, have fun. No stress. Isn’t that what a game is all about?

Why post here then buddeh? Anyway, I already found one so consider this thread obsolete

Wow. A hey… already found an alliance thanks would be a normal reply. Then delete the thread if you find it obsolete .

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If you want a thread closed as an option instead of flagging you can @Dudeious.Maximus or @littleKAF and ask that they close it for you.
Btw…congratulations on your new home!


Thanks mate!

I feel like with my recent activity on this forum, it wouldn’t be so easy to find an alliance anyway but :)) life goes on