How to pull 5 stars

Is there any trick to pulling down the five starts

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Spending huge amounts of money or running multiple TC20.

There’s no trick, just luck.


And a whole lot of patience.


I have have no idea what tricks you could use to pull five STARTS as every pulls is an individual pull unless your doi g 10 and 30 pulls then it starts at the first one, there is no trick there as the start is always first, LMAO.

NO seriously now!

As the old saying goes, there is no chance game without superstitions that we imprint in our minds.

Mine is, do pulls during the busiest times you think there will be most players doing pulls… Works for me and I usually pull at least one 5 STAR hero in every 10 single pulls.

Stopped doing 10 pulls because they have never given me anything other than 3*s and duplicutes where as I never get duplicates on single pulls when doing 10 of them.

Other than that as stated it’s all pure chance and luck.

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Absolutely, I got 3 in my first two weeks of just one TC20 and shut it down after 3 weeks. I don’t want 5*'s. I want ascension mats for my 4*'s

If you turn your phone upside right before the hero pops up from the portal…

Serenading with a love song…

For Magni, threaten to cancel his gym membership…

Ok. I’m not being very helpful. Sorry.


Threatening to cancel his gym membership :joy:


When you are in the summons portal you have to swipe over to Renfeld and then click the summons button.


So basically if you’re keeping up there’s no rhyme nor reason you get smiled upon and receive a 5 star hero, just be happy when they come (no matter if they are Guin or Quintus)

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Try summoning beneath a full moon while hopping on one foot and singing a Justin Beiber song.


No way! That worked for you too??!!


Oh good! I’m glad someone else knows about that trick :slight_smile:

Tip: You seem to get slightly better results if you’re naked and outside, actually beneath the moon. Neighbors might stare if they are night owls, but just explain you are trying to summon the God of the Seas on a phone game. They’ll understand.


I’ll take your word on that one. I like where I live. Lol.

In any case… good luck to the OP, and to all, with your pulls… however you may do them.

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Planning any pulls for pirates?

And yeah, good luck to everyone :slight_smile:

Doubt it. I’ve got a few projects to keep me busy.

No wonder I never pull legendaries. I don’t know any Justin Bieber songs.

… wait! There was that one… how does it go again?

“Baby, baby, baby, ohhhh”

Did I get that right?
Can I have a Vivica now?


That depends. This method only works on the summon gate. I have yet to nail down the proper ritual for pulling from TC20. I suspect Celine Dion, as I more often get at least a four star + when singing. Also, the neighbors pay me to stop, so it works out.

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Doh :man_facepalming: Celine Dion, no wonder my TC20 has been crap. I’ve been trying to sing Mariah Carey songs instead, and figured the only reason I kept getting 3s is because I’m failing to hit the high notes.

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The high notes are tough, but we need to properly pay tribute.

The only other way is to sacrifice a virgin credit card.

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I have already tried this method several times to no avail.


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