Is there a trick to get 5*s

I’ve been playing for a while now and I seem to not getting 5s but I have 5 4s. Is this normal for players?:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Unfortunately if you want a bunch of 5 star heroes be prepared to spend a lot of money

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5 stars are extremely rare in this game. So don’t try to chase after them unless you want to spend a fortune. Since you have only 5x 4 stars, it means that you are pretty new to the game so you should not be thinking about 5 stars at all. Try to first max 2 sets of 3 stars in each colour (total 10), and then 2 sets of 4 stars in each colour (total 10). This will enable you to finish all quests and attack titans which will drop important items for ascension. Meanwhile, work on your base and try to get to Training Camp 20, there’s a 5% chance to get 5 stars from there. In between, keep using your free tokens, and see if you get lucky. :slight_smile:


Thanks that helps quite a bit
Thanks again


this was something i heard not long ago

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The best way to get 5 star heroes are:

  1. Build all 4 training camps and max all of them. Then use the last level (we often call it TC20) on each of them to train legendary heroes from Season 1. Soon, you will bound to snag more than one 5* heroes from there.

  2. Use at least 1 Epic Hero Token (EHT) to summon for Seasonal Event heroes, or 100 Atlantis Coins for the Atlantis Portal, or 100 Valhalla Coins for the Valhalla Portal, or 100 Legends Coin from the Tavern Portal, or 5 Costume Keys for the Masquerade Portal, or 10 Challenge Coins from the Special Events Portal. The EHTs, Atlantis, Valhalla, and Legend Coins, including the Costume Keys and Challenge Coins are obtained from the various chests, raid tourney rewards, Mystic Vision, Events, or Quests, among others. But these may take some time to accumulate to the required number sufficient for summoning at the aforementioned portals.

  3. Use real money to buy in-game currency: GEMS. The more you buy, the more chance of getting legendary heroes.

Please be advised that in any of the above-mentioned instances, there really is no assurance of getting legendary heroes as it based on RNG and luck. Some players have their own superstitious belief and ritual when summoning. You may want to visit certain YouTube channels for that. But then again, there really is no assurance. Some players spent quite a sum to get over 30,000 gems but never got 1 legendary hero. Others just were lucky enough to get the 5* hero PLUS the Hero of the Month by summoning only once. The odds are low, mostly below 2% summoning chance to get them per summon attempt. Be guided on that.

And lastly, when you summon, lower your expectations. Play a reverse psychology on yourself whenever you do summon. Doing so reduces, if not eliminate, the frustration and disappointment when doing the summons. If you use use real money in buying gems for the purpose of summoning, consider that money already burned. There’s no coming back from that.


Here are some scientifically unproven tips.

Secrets of EnP

To be read in jest. Keep the fun alive. :slight_smile:


Define a while. If it’s a month or two, then yeah, it’s kind of normal considering you only have 5 4* heroes. Once you can build up to training camp 20, they will come. As well as complete events and challenges, filling up your raid and monster chests for the chance of epic hero tokens.

Personally, I only leveled 2 training camps to 20 and left one at 19 and another at 11 because the resources to level all 4 to 20 isn’t worth it (IMO) since you still need to generate feeders to level.

I got my first Season 1 5* on a lucky EHT summons (Magni) at 10 months. Your mileage may vary. The rest started to trickle in after that, nearly all from the last level of the training camps (TC20).

Some of the player base determined the percentage of each hero type over time from the TC20 was:

5* = 5%
4* = 20%
3* = 75%

You can compare results on this thread:
Training Camp lvl 20 - Results - #3875 by Rook

As for HOTM’s or regular summons, I say it’s “luck (RNG) or money”. :grin:

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Hey friend, welcome to the game! I do not spend any money at all on this game so it took me like one year before I got my first 5* hero (Vivica from an Atlantis pull). Then after that my luck got better significantly. I am almost 2 years into this game and so far I have around 25 5* heroes (a lot of dupes and some less-desired heroes such as Horgall and Obakan).

But like someone else already said, the backbone of this game is 3* and 4* heroes. Believe me, they will carry you a lot further. Focus on building a really deep bench of 3* and 4*. With a good roster of 4* heroes you can progress fairly well. Good luck!

My first 5* was Leonidas. I summoned him with a token (EHT) if I remember well.

The second one was Alby in the Atlantis portal. He was one of the former HOTMs that appears one in a year. I used my Atlantis coins obtaind after I finished the first Atlantis wave.

I think it is possible to obtain 5* but the pacience must be your fellow if you don’t want to spend money.

This really isn’t that many. Think back to when you had your first 4*, I bet you had more than five 3*. And it’s not a direct correlation.

Good luck.

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Yes. For the free 2 play people. It is a common occurrance.
If you want 5* faster you can try getting TC20. The only other thing you need is patience. And keep going for 10x summon.