How to pull 5 stars

Kill 3 flying ducks and tap the backpack in level 7-22 to get a 5 :star:

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To drag a wee bit of seriousness in (sorry), the important thing has to be not how to pull any old 5*, but how to get ones that will be more useful to you. There are a few 5* out there that I wouldn’t put in place of a decent 4. (Level Atomos over a duplicate Caedmon? Well, I haven’t.) So be discriminating as to when you pull, think who’s on offer this month/season/event, and use any coins, tokens or gems at that time instead of blowing them as soon as you get them. It still doesn’t mean you won’t get a string of duplicate 3*, but if you ever do get something more it has a chance of being something actually worth having.

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Trust me, you don’t want Vivica. Her Mana is classed as slow but should be called glacial. She is a defense only option IMO.

Well… so far the only 5s I have are Richard, Miki, and Obakan… still short a couple of mats for ascending any of them.

Richard seems solid enough, just need a couple more scopes.
Miki is nifty for titans, but I think Richard will be getting the scopes, as he seems to have more utility overall.
Obakan… well… is Obakan.
I just thought Vivica seemed like a good option for yellow, since I like having a healer on my team, and I don’t see myself being lucky enough to pull any non-TC20-able 5* healers anytime soon.


If it is worth anything I regret the resources wasted on her. I could have used them on 4’s for better results. Her special is nice but just don’t expect to be able to activate it more than once in any battle; that’s enough to make her less than useful. Sartana, by contrast I don’t have the mats for and she is stuck at barely more than Balthazar emblembed up strength (calculated as 2 x defence plus attack points)

Well, I do have maxed and emblemed Boldtusk, Melendor, and Rigard, so I’m okay on healers of the 4* variety. I guess BT could still be viable in a 5* roster, but I’d prefer my red hero to be more offense than defense.

All I have for yellow right now is 2 maxed Chaos, a maxed Wu, and a soon to be maxed Li Xiu. I’ve been doing yellow summons every chance I get, hoping for a Viv, Hu, Joon, etc., or even a dupe of the ones I already have. Of course, instead every summon results in Bane, Dawa, Kailani, Gan Ju… ad nauseam. Vivica would be a very welcome and very refreshing change, even if her mana is slower than molasses, it would still be a million times faster than the rate at which I get anything worth getting.

Sorry, not meaning to sound whiny, I know RNG is RNG and there’s nothing we can do about it… I’m just getting tired of getting the same 3* heroes over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Gets annoying after a while. :smile:

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Totally agree, if i get another Dawa or Karil, I’m going rage whinge. If I I could just get a Wu, my Titan issues would be over.


Wu is a game changer for titans, but Miki is better if you’re lucky enough to have pulled him. I just really need more 4* and 5* yellows all around for my bench as a whole. What I absolutely do not need is any more Kailanis. She obviously has a huge crush on me because she’s been stalking me for almost a year now. Kailani, take the hint! I’m just not that into you!


Bahahaha. Your titan issues will just begin.

They have begun. I made an alliance all for myself where I can practice stacking etc without affecting others and I’m beginning to think I have a severe mental deficit. Vs red I can blitz it most times; other colours less so. Never managed over 32,000 on a single attack.

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We all have our weak colors… well… most of us. Yellow is mine.


What level titans are you fighting? And what heroes do you have available?

I had trouble breaking over 20k early on. Now I kick myself when I score below 30k (meh, sometimes it’s just the boards, but I still blame myself anyway).

I am no expert at all, but I might be able to give you some tips that could help.

I have an anxiety disorder and hate letting people down. A one man alliance fights 1* titans. No loot but am hoping to get some reason in my attacks.

You are well more advanced than me. I’m a 31 but got no ascencion mats for 6 months, left my first alliance and got recruited but felt like a pity case and left with an apology after a week with all the mats that gave which were generous. I’m too old to to just take without a contribution in turn.

EDIT: Heroes Sonya, Caedmon and Rigard and Sabina ascended. BT, Gormek Triton another Sonya and a Boril whose special will just not rise. I have the usual greens; Skittles Little J and two Kashies. Red 3* I have most of them including two Azars who I like to double up (and the useless 5* Vivica, Elena and Sartana).

I have about 40 useless heroes 3’s, 4,s and, 5’s. The only one that continues to surprise is a 500+ Valen whose debuff is awesome.

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@StephenNap89 I plan on doing one or two pulls. Depends on coins amount on the last day.

Have not got a clue. I must be the worse level 40 in the game, not 1 5 star ascended hero, despite being SH21, running TC20 constantly always get the same rubbish 3 stars that I own multiple times, the game has become a chore, giving up on it if nothing changes soon, definitely not giving any more of my money just to pull the same old rubbish. I see level 20’s with a full 5 star roster this game needs fixing, but nothing is going to be done as long as the devs are making money

Pay to win; a while ago there was a guy who confessed to dropping 40,000 US$ in one year and was dissappointed as he couldn’t get mats for his 20 5*s. If you don’t spend SG seems to dump you in the trash pile.


I use Viv all the time on attack. But then my choices are somewhat limited to the classics.

Aah, Brandenberg Concerto #3 :laughing:

“How to pull 5 stars” - Tutorial:

  • Have your gems ready and a beer
  • Drink the beer
  • Go and… you know, no.1
  • Don’t wash your hands
  • Use those fingers to click on summoning gate
  • Go wash your hands

You forgot rubbing your belly why simultaneously patting your head and winking alternate eyes every two seconds :rofl: :sunglasses: :wink:

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Somehow was hoping for more beer drinking steps in this ritual :face_with_hand_over_mouth: