Heros 5* off

Why can’t i take 5* heros out of the ct20 or Summons?

They will come just takes time. And like everything else it is RNG. It’s usually months in between 5* from tc20 for me but I have seen others that have gotten them back to back. But they do eventually come. I’ve gotten 7 total from mine so far

As per my observation
We need to run tc20 non stop
Means atleast one in non stop mode.
2 benefits, storing food and drop rate percentage.
Once we stopped a certain tc20 and restarted it, then it’s drop rate restarts.
Me got several 5* after starting running one tc20 nonstop.
I don’t know others odd on tc20 and observations.
But it takes time.
They come in with insane drop rate sometimes.
For me I got 6 out of 8 nonstop once.
May your luck , better than mine. GL. :blush:

I even believe that they Will come,however,there até friends of mine from the alliance who take out two heros of the mouth. What i see is a great disparity between the players and It is because i spend money on the game while others do not even spend tô haver a second manufacture.

Spending has nothing to do with tc20. Tc20 works the same for everyone and has the same odds for everyone. Just some times some people’s RNG is luckier then others. And I’m not sure if you meant they get 2 5* in a month from their’s or if you are talking about the Hero the Month, but hero of the Month only comes from summons not tcs

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It appears English is not your first language, so I hope I’m reading this correctly. It appears you’re saying that you have bad luck because you spend? That SG rewards those that don’t spend by giving them good pulls?

If so, that’s backwards of how a business works - and SG is a business. If they gave better pulls to those that didn’t spend, then everyone would stop spending so they get the same luck. The lack of revenue would put SG out of business.

But, perhaps I’m not understanding what you wrote…

I ran tc 13 for 2 months. All 3*
Yesterday i did my 8th tc 20 pull and it was justice.

Its all about RNG.

In 8 pulls of tc 20 2 4* and 1 5*.

I could be pulling for a month and still only get 3*

@Agl I would like clarify what you are thinking. You mentioned drop rates restarting if you shut down and restart a TC. This is wrong. There is a constant chance at getting a 3*, 4* and 5* from TC20. The odds do not change. Running one TC20 non stop for a year vs running one for a couple days has do difference on your chances of getting a 5*. Each and every pull as equal odds.

Yes, you should run TC20 non stop as a source of storing recruits and ham and also the primary source for getting S1 5*. But your thought process of drop rates is incorrect.

I hope that makes sense

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Hi, good evening. Me clearly mentioned that "my observation ".
I’m not talking about the drop rate like in summons.
Besides me read it somewhere else earlier. I’m not sure where it is?!
After that me started one tc20 non stop.
Besides I apologize for drop rate restarts,
It should be increased chance of higher card drop rate.
Thank you. Hav a good day. :blush:

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