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how many years should you play with the current random to collect a set of 5 * heroes? I’ve been playing for 9 months and still have not collected :grin:

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collecting the heroes are random. it could take years. you might get fifteen 5* heroes but never get the last color to complete the 5 color set.

Depends on whether you are training them in TC20 or spending money for summons.

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Run 4 TC 20 around the clock for 3 weeks and get back to me.

EDIT I say this because I got 4 colors in 3 weeks doing exactly that. I also got all 4 yellow 5* in that time.

It will still take a long time, almost a year maybe, to get to stronghold 20 and all 4 TC20s. It takes a month just to get from stronghold 19 to 20 (to upgrade the iron storage to get enough to build TC20). I’ve been playing for about 9 months and only have one TC20, but honestly have not been pushing for another TC20 yet, other factors have been more important so far. Then other than that, I think DJ was very lucky to get that many 5* in 3 weeks.

I have 4 TC20, but only 3 * go, sometimes 4 *. and all only duplicates :grin:

then it’s all luck from there. good luck.

I’m free to play - play daily and run a tc20. I’ve got 6 5* in 8 months…but only in 3 colors

You aren’t wrong, I was unusually fortunate to get that many 5*

I started in late January and it was Late August when I got my 4th TC20, and had maybe 4 months of VIP active. So, it’s possible to do because I’ve done it. Depends on what the focus/need is. If someone needs 5* heroes, that is the best way to get them without spending money.

If anyone is wondering what I de-prioritized, it was forges. I left them alone after I got to forge level 5.


for me 471 days of play and only 5 heroes 5 * :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
I’m unlucky at this game.
the same for the troops, only 2 troops 4 *, after doing more than 120 token draws troops.
do not spend money.
these heroes come from camp 20.
I get tired, because nothing good does not fall into a hero. never heroes of the month either.

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