Lvl 50 and still not got a 5* green or blue..what to do

So as my topic show… after leveling to 50 I still haven’t got a 5star blue or green.
Can I do something special to get more change on those? Have 2training camps on 20 but still no luck… feel stuck

Short of spending $$$ you wait :slight_smile:

All there is to it.


How long have the tc20 been working ? You should have 5% chance for a 5* hero. After a while you should have some heroes.

Prepare in advance and save your diamonds, coins and tokens for summons when a green or blu HOTM comes around. That is a good way to fill your roster, if you are already pumping 2 TC20 non stop.

Got them for months now. And to be clear. I do buy now and again… but I play to enjoy… not to be the best…
But after all that time it should be more… got several yellow and red 5* and i did nothing special for those.

Hang in there, they’ll come. I ran 2 TC20 for a long time, as of 460 pulls I’ve received 21 5*. That’s 21 5* for free that I didn’t have before so I think that’s pretty good. Maybe consider a third TC20 if you want to ramp it up and have the ham.


Level is related to the playtime you spent gaining XP.

I heavily farm Atlantis and im playing since August .
Now im lvl 44 . Higher than most of my alliance team mates who play time before me (some of them have Musashi)

So , i mean , your player level is not related to the amount of 5* you may have if not the time you spend burning WE

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I’m building my 3rd one now… let’s hope it will give something


I made 3 cp20. I save all world energy flasks to Atlantis. In Atlantis I farm for recruits and then I put the 3 cp20 at work for a month or so…until I get a 5*.



Keep holding on…
That does suck though!

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That surely sucks and I personally know the feeling. Extremely frustrating!
I’ve been playing this game since January 2019 and I couldn’t get a blue 5* hero for 14 months . And my first blue hero was Richard, pulled him from my TC20. And keep in mind that I do spend money on the game , I do at least 50 summons every month. I just have a really bad luck at pulls. :thinking:

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Agree, it can be very frustrating. I was missing a Red 5* until level 50-something. I had 3 TC 20s running then… Marjana eventually popped out, and now at Level 60, I also have Elena. It will come :slight_smile:


Yeah… after a while watching lot’s of lower level fighters having all colour 5* i et really frustrated. I do spent some money on it but that shouldn’t be the reason of getting better players. I have lot’s of issues with some other game problems too… and that’s why i don’t want to spend more money on it. Sometimes the fights don’t seem to be fair either… and most off all this happens when the fighters are russian or so names. They seem to have all colour 5* and really low but still they beat me with no chance on even killing one of them… thought about quitting the game more than once…

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