Grimmwood Forest - heroes for the Rare Level

Just looking to see what heroes everyone used to defeat the Rare level. No surprise, stuck on level 10. All my heroes are not leveled up so I may just not be strong enough.

Thank you advance for any advice!!

I’d recommend using either blue/green and focusing Rumpelstiltskin or blue/yellow heroes and focusing Boss Wolf. Good heroes for this event are:

Blue: Ulmer, Valen, Gato, Karil
Green: Brienne, Belith, Mnessus, Berden
Yellow: Bane, Melia, Gan Ju

I also demonstrate general stage 10 advice here:


Thanks Wharf. I just don’t have enough 3’s leveled up yet.

Two or more healers?

Hisan for green as well.


not needed. I even took in hawkmoon as healer for most stages…no problems

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Just beat it with this team:
Caedmon 3/20
LiXiu 4/54
Boril 3/60
Isshtak 3/50
Rigard 4/70

I brought 1 small and 1 medium healing potion, 1 small antidote, and 1 medium mana potion

It came down to Boril and Rigard and I used every last potion.

I focused on getting rid of Rumpelstiltskin first so I had room for ghost tiles, then did Red then Wolf.

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That would be epic level…

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My bad:
On Rare I used
Belith, Bane, Isshtak,Balthazar and Valen

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Me and my wife we Complete it without using items and any problems.

My wifes lineup:

Bane, ulmer, brienne, tyrum, belith

My lineup: bane, frier tuck, valen, belith, brienne

I completed Rare using Tyrum, Valen, Melia, Belith and Gato.
To see if I could, I also finished the first stage of Legendary under Rare rules, using Hawkmoon, Valen, Melia, Belith and Ulmer and only Rare stage restricted troops and items, but couldn’t finish stage 2.

I used Valen, Ulmer, Belith, Bane, and Balthazar with axes and the three minor potion types. Probably not the most competitive team, but it worked well enough to beat Stage 10.

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I switched it some depending on which stage, but Ulmer, Bane and Brienne were always in. For heal;er sometimes Hawkmoon and sometimes Belith. For other striker sometimes it was Hisan, sometimes Valen

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Thank you for everyone’s reply. I did try again and defeated Level 10. Not very fast but it was a victory!!!


I used this for all 10 stages

Valen, Ulmer, Bane, Balthazar, Belith (6/8)

Used, Axes, Arrows, Healing Pots, Mana Pots. Mostly used in stages 6-10. Ghosted all my heroes mana up in 2nd wave with 1 monster left so went in fully charged and just unloaded.

This was only my 3rd challenge event and first time I’ve had an easy time. Really would like to focus on improving my score to achieve higher reward tiers now. Could someone please provide some guidance. I have heard using tiles/specials scores higher than using battle items? How much does time factor in? Thanks

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I’m hoping you can give me some advice with the rare tier. I’ve been trying for a top 10 finish but have been stuck in the mid 20s rank the past few events. I feel like I’m a mile away from achieving my goal. I’m assuming the last few rounds is where I need to make my progress. I’ve been 55-57k stage 8 and 9, 75k stage 10. Any tips/advice? You are clearly a master.

I recorded a number of my best runs and will look to post a comprehensive advice video later this week once I catch up on sleep.

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On healers, it’s a question of survival vs excelling. If you’re going to make on,y a pass or two at the event, a healer will help you get through. If you’re trying to place high, you want to focus on offense and be willing to run a level repeatedly until you get the boards to blow through it.



I’m in desperate need of advice to make a top 10 push. I’m averaging ~2k less than you per each stage. Currently using mana pots, arrows, axes. Are you using bear banners for an attack boost as well, or something else? I usually use 2 or 3 world energy flasks for replay for the rare event. I’m not sure if I am doing something inefficiently or you are just playing that many more attempts resulting in a more favorable board. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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