Best way to emblem buffed Thorne?

Wondering if there is a better way to give emblems to Thorne, now that his atk increased and hp decreased.

Increase his attack, health, or defense?

is he in your main team ? if yes go for Atk > Defense > Health as priority , if not in your main team better give to another hero even *4 like Sonya or Falcon

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Yes, he’s on my main team, currently at 3/40. I plan to bring him to 3/70 and reassess in case I get any better blues. I only have Greg as my other 5*. My other blues are Triton and Boril, both at 1/1.

Do you think Sonya will be better than Thorne, both fully leveled, considering she is a 4* ?

do you have mats to full asc Thorn ? if yes then Thorne is better , if not better do Sonya first and emblem her. here is my sonya at T18 for your reference

and any *4 full asc always better than *5 3-70

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I don’t have full mats for Thorne, but then again, I don’t have Sonya either :joy:

It’s premature to decide at this point.

Sonya+18 with fast mana and a dispeller, does look quite attractive. Right now I don’t have a 4*/5* dispeller.

With the same amount of paladin emblems, talenting Thorne would be more value than talenting Sonya?

better do *4 other blue you had to full asc if you dont have enough mats and do *5 if you get enough mats and keep in mind that you need approx 1 month to max it (double time than *4)

That’s good advice. Currently Thorne is my tank. My almost fully leveled 4s on the main team are Rigard and Lancelot (plan to give both emblems) and I just got my first batch of 4s: Boril, Wilbur, Gormek, Danza, Sumitomo, Scarlett, Triton, and Gadeirus, all practically at 1.1 for now. Do you recommend any one of them fully maxed a better tank than Thorne at 3/70 ?

imo Boril (tank) , Scarlett (fast high tile) , triton (pure sniper) , rigard (healer) , wilbur (titan)

i am not fans of lancelot , better boldtusk
for yellow danza is not really good to have earlier , Chaos/Li/Wu is better choice
for green , gaderius is like lancelot with heal but slow and slow kill him , Caedmon is your best bet for green.

Boril, Gormek and Gad @ 4/70 are all probably better tanks than Thorne @ 3/70. Boril’s riposte and insanely high defense stat would make him my 1st choice.

I don’t have any other yellows besides Hu Tao and he is slow…

I am probably biased toward Lancelot because he’s been my first attacker 4*. Combining him with Thorne and the mana boost has been working very well. Once I get the other 4*s leveled I’ll have a more impartial perspective on him.

Would love to get Caedmon, and just like Sonya he is a dispeller which I need. I have Gregorion and it’s the same situation as with Thorne - whether I’ll get the mats for Greg before I pull Caedmon. I share the thoughts on Gadeirus.

I see you are a fan of Proteus, he’s my top Atlantis pick to pull aside from the other Atlantis 5*s. Do you use him on defense or offense or both?

I’m considering Boril. Lately he’s been a lot easier to kill in raids as my team got stronger, so I am reconsidering :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll have to run some experiments once they are all leveled.

Maxed Boril + Emblem is way better than Thorne 3-70 without emblem , even Guin also easy to kill in raid with mono-team , no perfect defense but it will show better result in AW because not many people has deep bench. i fought Boril+18 in AW many times , his defense is 800++ , hard to kill with bad board

He reminds me of a shorter version of the giant from GoT with a hundred arrows stuck in his back. Looks like he’s my next blue project.

Five months later, and Thorne is now fully leveled. Which talent path did you guys choose for him? Attack or defense?

*please do not post anything if you are planning to write that he sucks. I’ve already decided to give him the emblems.

i maxed thorne not long ago and took the defense path

Just saw your post. Are you using him on your main defense team and if yes, are you using him as tank? I plan to switch him out from tank to flank or to wing once my better tank option is ready. I am currently leaning toward attack path for this reason.

Yes, I am using Thorne on my main defense team and he is my tank. With emblems, he has extremely high defense. Also, I assume Thorne will have his own costume that can add additional special skill effects. That will make him even more powerful.


I too am looking forward to see a Thorne costume. The paladin emblems will not affect the costume however… so will need to reset him.

I’ve also chosen the defense path. Although I have to admin, after a facing Thorne with the same emblems as I have him at, he was not a very formidable tank, I took him out quite quickly, quicker than I thought I would. Which leads me to plan to replace him in the tank position with another hero. I think he’ll do well as flank.