How many Sonya (and a minor leveling dilemma)

I didn’t get Sonya for a very long time. And then I finally did last month. And then her costume. And then Richard. And this morning, another Sonya.

I’m working on the first one right now, but…

  1. how many should I really keep? I have a pretty decent blue roster now (Vela, Triton, Kiril, Grimm, Richard, dupes of all 4*, and a horde of 3*)

  2. do I ascend Sonya1, or do I just take her to 3/60 and work on Richard? (I have the scopes). She won’t get emblems. Those are for Tell. And the costume will also get stuck at 3/60…

Now to go see if Chick Jr is worth keeping… and not long ago blue was my worst color!

do you stack mono or 3/2? Sonya has become more important to me since I started experimenting with Mono, she’s my only Blue dispeller. From your description it looks like she’s your only Blue dispeller too. She’s a solid hero and I would ascend her immediately if you’re taking her to 3/60 first, anyway.

and even if you did decide to go for Richard first, she’s still worth ascending eventually.


Today I finished my Sonia’s costume…and GM burn looks little bit more scary :slight_smile: therefore I decided to bring 2nd copy of her along with costume. Fast debuffer / cleanser with great survivability - bring it on.
I stack her: grimm / kiril / sonia and it does the job :slight_smile:

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I have two Sonyas. I maxed one (and gave her emblems) long ago when she was my best blue. I leveled the costumed version of the second Sonya more recently (no emblems, as Telluria now greedily gets them).

I like Grimm (also maxed) but prefer Sonya’s speed and for a while I seemed to face a lot of Boril and Cyprian in raids and her dispel of buffs is very handy. The two of them together (Grimm and Sonya) are good against Titans – not sure how Titan’s figure in your question since you didn’t mention it.

Note that Sonya with Costume dispels status ailments. That increases her utility, IMO) since she can either dispel enemy buffs or ally ailments).

Given that you have Vela, I would recommend maxing a second Sonya. Her tile damage makes her a better supporting hero in raids (versus Richard) and her special is more impactful, IMO (again, versus Richard’s attack down).

In addition, if Telluria is your tank, you’ll likely flank with a red which puts blue on the wing, right? On defense, that’s likely Vela or Sonya due to their speed, right? Not sure what you have in mind there, but Richard seems to make more sense as a flank.

Finally, Richard will consume more materials and thus a 4* hero will be ready to appear in raids and wars more quickly than Richard, I suspect, unless you have a stock pile of food and feeders. But, given you have the scopes already (a little jealous there as I have Vela at 3.70 until a scope appears in a rare quest next month), maybe not.

He’s not a bad choice, so it’s a good problem to have.


Thanks. My plan is to go Vela/Tel/JF and for the near term either Rigard© or Proteus and Joon on wings. Got Malosi on my first pull this month (!), so he’ll eventually replace Joon. Yes, it’s boring. Also effective.

Richard or Sonya are purely for stacking and war.

Two Sonyas sounds like a good plan to me, particularly if you have her costume.

Dispelling ailments is such a rare trait to find among 4*s – Rigard was the only one who cleansed all allies before costumes came along and added Sonya.

BTW Caedmon’s costume is also coming shortly, he was in beta recently and is the same skill as Sonya’s costume. I’d also keep 2 of him minimum myself.


Two, yes. But should I keep 3?

I was at a 4K team long before I got my first dispeller.

I’m feeling pinched on roster space, and re-evaluating a lot of undeveloped 4* that I have multiples of. (And right after Sonya I pulled a FIFTH Rigard. I :heart: him, but not THAT much).

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Have 1 Sonya totally maxed at 4.70_C+20
Love her. She lives as long as a 5☆.

I am doing a second Sonya right now (no emblems) to be able to use both versions on the same team.

On last weeks Bloody Battle I wished I had 2. Choosing the right version was essential for winning. One battle I chose wrong (or didn’t pay attention) and lost…probably had won this with the other version.

Do the following

  1. Max Sonya1
  2. Max Richard
  3. Max Sonya2

2 are enough

Happy leveling!


Depending on where you’re at in the game a third Sonya wouldn’t be a bad choice for a war team… I wouldn’t feed her away quite yet. Just put her on the back burner for now.

Same with rigard…

One thing you have in your favor, if you do feed them away to free up space, at least they’re S1 heroes and relatively common to get. (Until you really want one)


To be honest, other than maybr F2P, I tend to think by the time you’re getting to third copies of 4* hero’s you’ve probably got more than enough war depth already.

I get keeping two of her in case you want the dispel and cleanse, but I really don’t see the point of three…
Then again, I only have one and whilst useful sometimes she rarely gets onto any of my war teams.


Where my thoughts were… but I agree. Maxed two jackals… third went to 3/60. :woman_shrugging:


I’ve got a fair number of maxed 4* (17?), a few maxed 5* (Vela, Tarlak, Mitsuko), a few more in progress (Telluria, JF), some in queue (Elkanon at 3/70 forever, Kadilen, Richard, Malosi) or for purpose (Grimble). And a handful more 4* At 3/60 that either need spare materials (dupes) or a reason to not eat them (Skittles, Ameonna) at this point.

I’m at the point where other than 5* there’s very few heroes I want (Wilbur, Falcon), and I’ve gotten stupid lucky with the past 5 months of HotM despite pretty conservative spending (let’s just ignore last month… but it was still under $60).

All that to say that I’m transitioning to the early stages of the late game.

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I keep getting the cute blond. I have one at +20 and other @+19 WITH costumes so the clean and debut. The clean is REAL nice with all the fire around. I’m about to finish my third. She with +20Kiril are my go to blues with Vela as a third. I war I’m running out Sonya’s (ps I have THREE more sitting on the bench;;almost fatal attraction). once i figure out may next ice project (build out costume for my Kirils{+19,+7&4-70} or start Magni w/ costume) I’ll likely look at a 4th Sonya.

By the way those unleveled sonyas were VERY helpful in the Tavern, two as cleaner and on as debut so they are not going anywhere anytime soon even at 1-1

Im around 2600 cups with player level of 66


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