Break-off questions for Bert from “How to remove recruits asap?” thread

Weird, i see all those People with full of Ham, i have no Idea when it does happen, im playing now 30 days and my biggest Issue is Ham, cant level my Heroes or Base, i mean i can but its slowly cause im always short on Ham, so for now i use my Iron to get things up. like SH to 20 s the long term goal, right now on 15 (in3hrs) and for that im maxing out the storages of Iron to keep Sh immediately go next lvl after done.

But i dont see any way to gain more Ham , without skipping recruits, running now 2 TC 11 and 1 Mix of 1/2 to burn swords and packs, the TC 11 have a “bank” of around 30days and 10 days, so something around 500k ham safed, which is basically nothing, but would cost me 1000 recruits of waste if i would use that Ham.

For the Raid Part, i rare reroll for oppponents due to Ham cost and my goal is actually win some Ham instead of giving, idc about how fast i fill the Chest, i was super into clear the Chest asap and even Skip those chests for the “rare chests” but its not worth, got 3 or 4 this Month.

So do i do it wrong with the Ham/store recruits? Or is it just cause my Mills are only lvl 12 and i should upgrade them on the same Page as my SH? Im confused

It’s just a matter of where you are in the game.

Check back in a year or two, you’ll have times where you’re overloaded with Ham too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Im sure it will happen, but for now, i try to figure Out whats the most efficient way to Deal with everything, and right now, Ham is THE issue of current State, well other Issues to, which google didnt answer or i didnt found Out.

Its some sort of Off-Topic, but in General the Advices are Build 2-3 3* Rainbow teams, then go on the 4* and then 5* (just short explaination), but for what are my 3* Rainbow Teams are good (besides Alliance Wars depth) and Tourneys, in which Area of the Game am i able to get 3* or the crucial 4* Mats, does a 3* rainbow Team help me there out? Or is it “Strength” wise needed more of a 4* or 5* Team to get the AM?

In addition to the places you listed, a 3* team will also help you get the guaranteed mats from Challenge Events.

Ultimately, 4* heroes are the backbone of the game for most players. But they’ll take time to get, and to get the mats for them.

3* heroes can take you a long way in the meantime, and don’t require any unfarmable mats, and take far less Ham to level.

Completing Rare Quests with 3* teams is possible, but tricky. You’ll likely have more success once you have more 4* heroes.

It’s a slow process — work on using your 3* heroes to complete Stage 4 of Rare Quests, to get guaranteed unfarmable mats for 4* heroes.

Then, in time, you’ll have maxed 4* heroes, and will be able to fully complete Rare Quests, and get the mats for 5* heroes.

For what it’s worth, I maxed my first 5* hero around 8 months into playing.

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Well, so does a 3/60 4* Outshine a 3/50 3*? Cause my Goal is Asap get the 4* Mats as u mentioned their more Crucial in long Term.

I cant Remember if i played a “rare quest” so far, for this Event i cant Clear the “rare” Part of Wonderland, the Bosses Oneshot my heroes, as far i Read, for Events i should be using my Battle Items right? Now due to Ham issue im late to do them Quick to maybe try it again.

7 months into the game currently and looks like it’s going to be the same amount of time for my first 5* too.

I’m playing a similar game from SGG now and it’s the same there as it used to be for me - NEVER enough food. Now I do often find myself suddenly short of one or the other but I just focus my attention on something which requires me to use the opposite resource and I soon find myself overflowing.

I’ve been following this whole thread with great interest as my first TC is currently levelling up to 20. Then it’s research (anyone remember how long that takes?) and I’ll be ready to start playing this recruit/food storage game and perhaps picking up a few S1 4 or 5 stars I haven’t got yet.

They come approximately every 10 days. You can read about them here: 💫 Memento Rare Quests

Wonderland is a Challenge Event, not a Rare Quest — they’re different.

Challenge Events are monthly, and have the 3 rarity tiers (Rare, Epic, Legendary).

They also have a different rewards structure, with completion loot and rankings.

And Stages can be replayed as many times as you want.

They definitely help, though they’re not entirely necessary solely for completion.

Which 3* heroes are you using?

Forum Search tells me:


This is the Team

This are my 3* Options


‘Only’ nine more days! :weary:

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You’ll be churning out Dawas in no time! :wink:


Ah! Well, the current levels are likely the issue.

You also should remove green heroes for Wonderland, as the green enemies reflect all damage from them, so Shrubbear will likely just kill himself.

I think with your current heroes, it’s premature to be able to complete the Challenge Event. You’ll be in better shape for next month’s.

Okay thanks, that leads me to the Question, so doing 1 3* rainbow should be fine? Or is it essential to do 2-3, cause most of the Advices are from 2018 or early 2019, not sure if they still up to date, and i have 3 5* (i know AMs gonna hold me back for a while), but i have like 13 or 14 4* already and some of them are known as “the better” ones, like BT and Rigard, melendor or Grimm, so should i do the 3* still or atleast get the 4* to 3/60 and 1by1 to 4/70?

I would max Squire Wabbit, Bane, Belith, Gunnar, Shrubbear, Valen, and Tyrum. They’ll serve you well for a long time.

Then I’d bring Boldtusk, Rigard, Melendor, Lady Woolerton, Boril, Grimm, and Li Xiu to 3-60. All of them are worth maxing eventually too, and 4* healers can be profoundly useful for completing Challenge Events and Rare Quests to get more mats. I’d max Rigard or Boldtusk as soon as you have the mats for them — which might be months from now.

I’d totally ignore your 5* for now.

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Perfect, i was looking for an Advice like this, thx a lot.

Side question, in Pve “slow” Mana gain isnt that Big of a Deeal, in PvP its more about “fast/very fast” right?

Cause Hu Tao and Skittle are pretty okay in Pve, in PvP they basically never move :smiley:


Mostly, yes. Using Slow heroes in PVP is an acquired skill. They can be extremely effective, but it requires learning how to play the board to work with them.

Many players prefer faster Heroes instead — though I personally have used Slow heroes a lot in PVP. Hu Tao was actually even my first maxed 4*.

And as you said, yes, in PVE, they’re extremely effective, as you have plenty of time to charge them, and can also use Mana when needed.


A couple things to note:

  1. Every Challenge event has a different reflect colour. That is a colour that is reflected back on your team. For Wonderland it’s green so you need more than 1 rainbow 3* team in order to replace your green hero during Wonderland (and the other colours during the other Challenge Events). I find it easier to complete stacking 3 of a colour - for Wonderland red.

  2. For the rare tier in the Challenge Events you can ONLY use 3* (and lower but why?) for your team. So to complete this tier you need 2-3 rainbow 3* teams. And you should be working towards completing rare tier as it gives you guaranteed mats on a monthly basis. Then you start on the 4* to complete the epic tier, and so on.

I transferred this from the other thread, I was posting as @zephyr1 split off the post I was replying to :rofl:


For PvP, there are a number of different strategies…

Some go with color stacking against tank. That can be quite effective if you get the right colored tiles. MONO color is very dangerous. Extremely effective when it works out. Equally extremely terrible when it doesn’t.

A year ago, if you had told me about color stacking, I would have said “are you crazy? that leaves me totally at the mercy of the boards!”

But I’ve used it (quite effectively) in wars and vs. titans since then. Yep, sometimes you’re gonna have a bad day and your scores totally suck. But again: when it works, it works. Extremely well.

As for raids? Well I played around with color stacking for a while. Sometimes still do, especially when my opponents make the mistake of color stacking their defense. But lately I’ve been too lazy to bother customizing every attack, and been going mostly rainbow. With surprising success.

My secret? Two healers.

Yah, I know. Healers don’t hit. You need hitters when you’re doing raids. Go full heal and you’re likely to end up in one of those “time running out” stalemate scenarios where both you and your opponent only have healers left on the board and you’re just going back and forth flinging poo at each other while you both heal, and you’re just hoping and praying that you get the right color tiles under that SOB at the right time before he casts his own heal and you’re back at square one.

But in spite of conventional wisdom, I have found that having two healers and just trying to keep my heroes alive for as long as possible, combined with the strategy of avoiding touching the opponent heroes that are giving me the most trouble (i.e. “ghosting”), tends to work out fairly well for me in the long game.


One is available now, Mount Umber:


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